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Sep 19, INDIA (SUN) — This article is to introduce Nitai's Bookstore, which carries many scholarly literary presentations of the philosophy of Vaisnavism. In this letter, Srila Prabhupada reviews the works of Dr. OBL Kapoor:

    Krishna Balaram Mandir
    Sept 17 1974

    "I have read with great pleasure the manuscript of OBL Kapoor’s work titled “The Philosophy and Religion of Lord Chaitanya.” Packed extensively with quotes and notes, the treatise bears the hallmark of authentic research. It is in my opinion the first scientific delineation of the philosophy of Sri Chaitanya based on his direct utterances, as contained in Chaitanya Charitamrta and Chaitanya Bhagwat and supported profusely by the vast literature left by his learnt disciples, most of which was written under his express command and on the basis of guidelines provided by him.

    The book is written in elegant style. I am sure it will be acclaimed not only by the Vaisnavas of India, but by members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and lovers of philosophy and religion all over the world."

    AC Bhaktivedanta Swami

Here is a full list of the books available at Nitai's Bookstore ---

The Life of Love, Biography of Radharamana Charan das -- OBL Kapoor
Lord Chaitanya -- OBL Kapoor
The Saints of Bengal - OBL Kapoor
The Saints of Vraja - OBL Kapoor
Sri Chaitanya and Raganuga Bhakti - OBL Kapoor
Experiences in Bhakti - OBL Kapoor
Companions of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - OBL Kapoor
Srimad Bhagwat Mahapurana 2 volumes. Sanskrit with English translation
Mystic Poetry - Sri Roopa Goswami, translated by Jan Brerzinski
Sri Grantha Ratna Panchakam - Vishwanath Chakraborti
Sri Prema Bhakti Chandrikam - Narottam dasa
Vartma Chandrika - Vishwanath Chakraborti
Sisastakam - Ananta dasa baba
Bhagwat Gita or the Song Divine translated by Gita Press
Fundamentals of Vedanta - translated by Nitai das
Nectar of the Holy Names - Manindranath Guha
Dawn of the Age of Love - Kanupriya Goswami
The True Nature and Function of the Living Entity - Kanupriya Goswami
Rasa Darshan - Sri Roopa Goswami
Gifts of Sacred Wonder - edited by Nitai Das
Sri Guru Tattwa Vijnana and Sri Bhakta Tattwa Vijnana - Ananta dasa baba
Sri Krishna the Lord of Love - Premananda Bharathi
Bhajan CD recording Lamplight of Love - Radhapada das

I hope you find something you like.

Drupadi Singh


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