Moral of the French Riots


Nov 13, UK (SUN) — Nations throughout the world, communist and capitalist, first world and third world, have engaged in what can be described as the Great (secular-liberal) Experiment. Recent history has proven it to have failed. The French riots are but the latest in the results of this failed experiment. Material solutions of diplomacy, money, education, health care, a global village, technology, etc. have not resolved any of the entrenched problems of old. The only difference is now people use cars, boats and airplanes for horses, camels and elephants. Now races and creeds war against one another in place of kingdoms and nations. And now we have terror within cities in place of battles on battlefields. What has suffered no change, no diminution, is intolerance, hate and venom one person or persons have for another. The desired objectives of peace, harmony and prosperity of the Great Experiment are proving as elusive as they have ever been.

Despite unprecedented affluence, with no end of money, education, health and laws being thrown at all the problems, the Great Experiment yet wants more. Walls, barriers and boundaries have come down. Indeed there are not even social or psychological walls. Nothing is taboo. Gone are the shackles of superstition and other mumbo-jumbo. Everything is politically correct. There is no censure even against attempts to defy, and indeed, contradict nature. Homosexuals can be ‘parents’. Atheism is an optional – preferred – ‘belief’. Abortion is a woman’s choice. Life and limbs of one life form are ‘cells’ (spare parts) for another. Vegetarian species are fed meat. And, yes, there are no sacred cows. Welcome to the liberalisation, equality, freedom and democracy. Welcome to the Experiment of the Fools.

He is a fool who never concedes defeat even when the results of his experiment prove useless, detrimental and unproductive, especially when the results are of such dramatic proportions as are visible even to a passing observer. Persistent fools continue to throw more money, time and resources in the cause of their failed experiments; they seek yet more faith and understanding in their experiments, to give yet more time. While the experiment fails again and again, their challenge is to again and again ‘properly’ interpret the results; never to revise their assumptions. They prefer to re-affirm their faith and beliefs through articles, reports and books; within the halls and rooms of institutions, museums and galleries; and by the agency of debates, media and schools. Only contradictory results are not helpful – glaring contradictions only more so. Tickets, memberships and qualifications help to ensure only believers are privy to the Great Experiment. A barrage of entertainment that mixes facts with fiction with fantasy generally suffices to keep assuaged the general masses. It is only the glaring, dramatic inconsistencies and contradictions, like the French riots, that escapes the sterilization and censor of the secularists. How convenient if only reality would not spoil the materialists utopia.

The Great Experiment would prefer to view the French riots as a glitch, an aberration, an embarrassment even – not a problem, not failure. Despite the fact that the riots are not an isolated event? Despite it being widespread and en masse? Despite the ‘glitch’ lasting years, decades – in one form or shape or another – with their enclaves as no-go areas for the indigenous people for all this time? Within the Great Experiment, immigration was meant to solve the economic problem of the north Africans; and it was meant to fill the labour shortage of the French; and riots were not meant to be a feature of this neat and happy formula.

Instead, not only have there been riots but secular France now asks whether to send the immigrants back to north Africa or to appease them with money and other incentives. In the first instance, they need to add a proviso to include ‘those of north-African descent’ otherwise the exercise is meaningless. In the second instance, there is every possibility that the problem would surface once again, at a later date.

Yet more tinkering, more tweaking and more twisting of the Great Experiment. Any other experiment with the assurance of failure as certain as this – whatever the choice – would be completely and utterly dismissed, and the assumptions reviewed. Even despite their house of cards falling around them, the proponents of the Great Experiment have the gall to say, ‘What does it matter if there is a God or not?’; ‘He may have set the clockwork in motion, but there is no call for Him to run this creation.’ Never mind the creation’s need, your, mine, our individual and combined fabric of life is falling apart in every way, yet you see no ‘call for God’? We are witnessing our personal and collective failures, what feature of the experiment yet remains as the measure of our success?

Where is the shelter from fear of riots, plagues and wars if not in God? What redeeming feature of secular and atheistic life will give us succour in these circumstances? For a lack of any tangible connection with God, with Krishna, we await but only more unwanted and unwelcome news. This is not the cursing of a mad, deranged, bellicose religionist. This is the portrayal of our reality, our circumstance. Our misery is not vengeance by God, but our mistaken allegiance to an experiment that never could, that never did, give us relief from life’s problems. News is usually sensationalistic; the real drama happens to us every day. It is not in the headline grabbing news that the benign shelter of God is to be felt, it is in the struggle of attrition in our daily life, in our consciousness, in which we will experience the difference.

That Krishna does not ‘have to’ run His creation is proof of His perfect designing and creating capabilities. That we suffer as we do by our exclusion of Him in our personal and collective lives is proof of how much He matters to both. What other moral lesson can you intelligently deduce from all these numerous, unending ‘glitches’ of the world?


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