Hamsavatar Prabhu’s Prophetic Boast


Jun 13, CANADA (SUN) — The one thing that I have gathered from the discussion about the JBD’s or 'Jewish background devotees' is that there is a great deal of fear on both sides. Many devotees that I know will not speak their mind on this issue for fear of being unfairly labeled as Anti-Semitic, which is a stigma that can follow you to the grave. There is also a great deal of fear from the pro-JBD’s who, even though they know that JBD’s are in the majority in ISKCON leadership, aggressively use the ‘smokescreen’ of Anti-Semitism (in other words, bodily concept) as their only rebuttal and avoid the issues being presented. If they were being straightforward, they would not get disturbed when challenged if they really believe that they are in the right.

The main fear that the JBD’s and their supporters have is the fear of being branded as being part of a conspiracy. The concept of conspiracy holds almost as much power as the concept of Anti-Semitism. One mention of either, and people become seriously disturbed. Conspiracies and Jews have taken the place of Religion and Politics as taboo subjects at the dinner table. One mention of Jews and people think conspiracy, and vice versa.

In the letter from Hamsavatar prabhu, he is being very honest, open and somewhat cavalier with not only his JBD family background, but also the situation as it stands with the Jewish people. I think that this is the direction that Mukunda prabhu wants us to go with regards to this issue, except for the cavalier part. Hamsavatar prabhu openly states the worldly nature, achievements and power of the Jewish people and how they more or less control the world already. He claims, rightfully so, that there are Jewish people in many of the main religious groups. He also agrees with Mukunda prabhu about the percentage of Jews in leadership positions in ISKCON, and that they have been personally motivated. Yet he laughs off the idea that there may be an organized plan behind this.

Unless you have rubbed shoulders with the power elite of ISKCON, you will not know that many of them see themselves as Jewish first. A well known Swami was been known to have said, ‘First I am a Jew and second I am a Hare Krishna’. They are very proud of their Jewish background. This is especially so for the New York JBD’s. You can get a hint from Hamsavatar prabhu’s attitude and the content of his article that he is proud of his heritage.

The main message I get from Hamsavatar prabhu as to the reason why non-Jews are not in senior positions is that they are not driven, or in other words, are not ambitious enough. I hope he does not mean that the non-Jew is lazy or stupid. But it does imply that the Jewish people are more interested and gravitate to position of power and control rather than being content being amongst the rank and file workers. To illustrate my point, it is a well known fact that the movie industry is run and owned by Jews. Most of the actors are Jews as well. The predominance of leading role actors being Jewish does not infer that there are no good non-Jewish actors, but is simply that they are naturally given the better opportunities due to the cultural bias of the Jewish owned and operated industry. This, of course, is only natural if you are affected by your ethnic group or bodily conception of life and you have a monopoly over management and leadership.

To state that the “ubiquitous” Jewish people are in control and have a monopoly on world finances / diamond and jewel industries / multimedia / political appointments, religions, etc. and to not be able to say that maybe they have a plan, mission or conspiracy to dominate the world is stupid. But if anyone does, they are labeled Anti-Semitic. 2+2 = 4 in any math book. Call a spade a spade, my Daddy always said. To think that they are everywhere and yet they are all independent is the biggest hahaha hehehe hohoho of them all! Yet they can gloat like Hamsavatar prabhu does and scoff at anyone who would hint at there being some sort of conspiracy or mission amongst the Jewish people.

It is not so farfetched to exchange the term ‘conspiracy’ for one of 'mission'. If you look at history, you will find that the Jewish people come from an Abrahamic Religious background and in this tradition, they have the idea that God chose them and entered into a covenant with them. They believe that once the 12 tribes who were dispersed throughout the world (Diaspora) are reunited in Israel, a descendant in the line of King David will rule the earth. This means one Government, one King and one Religion. The goyim or non-Jew will have to follow Noahide Law. Hamsavatar did not add the Noahide Laws, which have been accepted as the base of all civilized law in most countries like North and South America and Europe. We are the top of the list of no no’s in the Naohide Law. That is, no idol worship. In the Hasidic University website, www.hasidicuniversity.org there is a break down for idol worship, and we get a mention - “Not to participate in worship ceremonies of Hinduism, Hare Krishna, or various “New Age” cult movements - including transcendental meditation or Yoga - even if no idol is physically present.” The punishment for idol worship by Noahide Law is death by stoning, and I can assure you this is not a nice death.

The Jewish people have every right to practice their faith and follow the laws of their God and do His will. The Christians and Muslims think the same, for they have the same God and have entered into similar covenants with Him. All three of them are related and have world domination plans, and have been working on them for centuries. Whether they are one and the same, time will tell. They have their mission, and so do we. Our mission was given by Lord Caitanya and our General is Srila Prabhupada. Our plan is world domination with one Government, one King and one Religion by the use of spiritual awakening. Their mission was given by their God in the form of the covenant that He made with them and they utilize power, politics, economics and force to achieve their goals. They have their way and we have our way, but make no mistake -- both of us have the same intention, and that is to spread our power and influence on a global scale. Both have equal right to follow their God’s directive.

We have to get this out of the closet.

It is entirely reasonable to think that such an ancient, proud and powerful culture as the Jews will work towards making sure that their mission plan is keeping to schedule. Therefore it is reasonable to think that some, not all, but some of the JBD in ISKCON may be working towards this end. To be naďve about this is foolhardy. Angels and Demons in Vaisnava garb. The world is replete with stories of infiltrations and espionage. Our Vedas speak of how to employ spies and how the Kings used them to gather information and work their plans. Every culture on earth has these stories associated with them. Every culture has a right to employ these tactics to ensure that their mission and people are being protected. So why can’t this be happening in ISKCON?

The cries of ‘oh prabhu that is offensive / don’t be on the bodily concept, prabhu / Srila Prabhupada made them devotees so are you saying he was wrong prabhu / conspiracies cannot happen to us as we are devotees prabhu…’ Yeah sure. What do you think the eleven who usurped ISKCON did shortly after Srila Prabhupada left? That was a conspiracy. They plotted together to claim the titles of Acaryas and took over the movement. That was a conspiracy, no matter what you can say about it. Don’t be scared of the term, we are supposed to be adults here.

If you want to find a conspiracy, look to the leaders and look at their methods: Do they monopolize the leadership of ISKCON? Do they follow Srila Prabhupada’s orders? Are they accountable to anyone but themselves? Do they listen to us? Do they use the money and resources of ISKCON and not share them with the devotees of ISKCON? Are they maintaining high spiritual standards like chanting their rounds? Do they prefer to cover-up their problems and crimes? Do they protect each other at our expense? Do they stick together in an elitist esoteric club? Do they tolerate any resistance to their leadership and do they use force, intimidation and fear to control us? Last but not least, do they change the philosophy to suit their needs?

Who are these people that are doing this? What is the common factor amongst them that separates them from the rest of us who want to properly serve Srila Prabhupada? Why can’t we term what they are doing as a conspiracy? Why has it been till now impossible to talk about Jews in our movement while it is so easy to discredit Christians, Muslims and Hindus? Maybe, perhaps maybe, this is due to the fact that many of our leadership JBD’s are identifying with their bodily conception of life as opposed to being Krishna Conscious.

P.S. I would like to take this time to thank Rocana prabhu and his staff for allowing this discussion to take place on their Website. It proves how merciful devotees can be. Thank you and may Krishna bless you to continue your invaluable service to Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON and us, the struggling devotees.


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