Mukunda das a Bigot?


Jun 08, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (SUN) — I strongly object to Mukunda das, in his article, "Tamal Krishna Goswami on Srila Prabhupada", referencing Tamal Krishna Goswami and Krishna Ksetra dasa as coming from "Jewish extraction." What is that? Is Mukunda prabhu insinuating that a Jewish religious background has something to do with their views on Srila Prabhupada? If not, why mention it?

In fact, Tamal Krishna Goswami came from an expressed atheist parentage. His parents' beliefs were not Jewish. So is Mukunda saying that Tamal Krishna Goswami's bloodline was Jewish? If so, what has that got to do with Tamal Krishna Goswami's beliefs? Nowhere else in the article does Mukunda tie-in his comment about the Jewish (mis) observation. So what's his point in mentioning it?

Is he accusing persons born with Jewish blood in their ancestry to be insidiously undermining Srila Prabhupada's position? I can think of only one reason that Mukunda mentioned Jews in his article - because he is anti-semetic, a state of mind completely based on the material conception of life.

YS, Nrsimhananda das


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