1995 Gauri das Investigation, Part Two - Operation Coverup!


Jan 10, USA (SUN) — This article is a continuation of 1995 Official Investigation Report on Gauri das - Part One. I recommend reading part one first, as it will give a clearer understanding of what is being discussed here.

The following letter was written by Kavicandra swami shortly after the report on Gauri's investigation was produced to the GBC. Here Maharaj admits to many serious shortcomings of the investigation and expresses his doubts about the validity and reliability of it.

From: Kavicandra Swami 71351.510@compuserve.com

To: Badrinarayandas badrinarayan.acbsp@iskcon.com,

Cc: BhurijanPrabhu bhurijana.acbsp@iskcon.com,

      BrajaBheari braja.bihari.bjd@com.bbt.se,

      MurliVadakaDas afn09663@freenet.ufl.edu

      NaveenKrsna naveen.krsna.acbsp@iskcon.com

Subject: VRINDAVANA report

Things left out of report on Gauri:


  1. He also thinks that in order for showing the stick be effective, he must use it sometimes.

6. Gauri should be removed as a teacher.

We didn't interview "most of the alumni". We interviewed a few. We can say that most who were interviewed did not believe it. Also from "interviews" (interrogations) we might not get the straight answers.


Here Kavicandra Maharaj states that Panca Gauda, Jaya Sila, Braja Bihari and himself have lied on the official investigation report to the GBC. Note the magnitude of the consequences of this lie. By interviewing "a few of the alumni the investigation team uncovered that Gauri had beaten children with a stick 6 times in 5 years. I dread to think what their findings would have been had they conducted a methodical and thorough investigation of the school: alumni and teachers included. Had they actually done a proper job it is likely Gauri das would have been made to resign there and then.


There was a question about the school policy on punishment and whether it was followed. We agreed on a statement which I don't find here.

      It was as follows:

That the board of education decided, after pressure from Vrindavana, that the principal could administer corporal punishment. We don't know how well this was communicated to Dhanurdhara Swami by the BOE (Board of Education). The policy states, the principal or his appointed representative. He appointed Gauri. We specifically wanted to avoid having an ashram teacher in that position, for many reasons. Also, in the policy, which otherwise was not so bad, that is a due process for "serious offences" (corporal punishment?) It appears that Gauri completely ignored that. He even claims that he was empowered, by the GBC, to be judge, jury and everything.


It seems to me here that if Maharaj really wanted to avoid "having an ashram teacher (Gauri in this case) administering CP" he should have worked a little harder.

Whether empowered (authorized) or not Gauri sure acted as if he was.


You also left out the following:

9. Please study the CPT report carefully and if you feel it necessary, offer some comments and/or recommendations as to its strong and weak points, and those of the Child Abuse Protection procedures at the school in general. Does the absence of questions such as these [7 and 8] raise further questions about the CPT report, the member's competency [or lack of a broad view], and the procedure it self?


Kavicandra Maharaj feels that perhaps the people who conducted the investigation were incompetent for the job.


We added Jaya Sila Prabhu as a member of the CPT. We concluded that the report was done in haste by two Matajis who were "too busy with secretarial work".

These Matajis express full faith in Gauri, so they didn't really check everything very thoroughtly.


I wander if there was anything else these loyal matajis omitted from the report.


We, Panca Gauda, Jaya Sila and myself, felt that there should be more members who are not on the school staff. That will be discussed later as we have to find someone who is willing and qualified.

Hoping this meets you in the best of health

Your servant,

Kavichandra Swami

PS Did any one get the letter I wrote to Gauri das, which was sent to all of you? Please let me know.



The following e-mails were sent by Braja Bihari. They are all related to the investigation on Gauri. The contents are very disturbing and show Braja Bihari's dubious motives as well as his active contribution to ensure the investigation would not be complete, accurate and effective. It clearly that the welfare of the children of the school was not a priority on his agenda.


From: Braja Bihari dasa <102631.206@compuserve.com >

To: MurlivadakaPrabhu <afn09663@freenet.ufl.edu >

Cc:DHANURDHARASWAMI <dhanurdhara.swami@iskcon.com ,

Bhurijana Prabhu <bhurijana.acbsp@iskcon.com >

Subject: Vrindavana SOS

Dear Murli Vadaka Prabhu,


Thank you for your timely reply. I will send in a separate letter (in a few minutes) the response from the teachers.

Gauri Prabhu for quite sometime now has accepted the point of acting independently. That is not an issue. He is very careful in all aspects of the Gurukula rules. His mood is very appropriate, cooperative, and yes, even humble.

Please understand clearly the 2 concern (needs) of the school: 1. CP [corporal punishment] reinstated. and 2. Gauri is allow to administer CP. Gauri will use CP only in the presence of the ashram teacher, and will not use it on the older boys (his ashram) at all.

This is what we want. It's reasonable.


Here Braja Bihari and the rest of the school (or is it simply a Braja Bihari-Gauri conspiracy?) emphasize the requirement they have to beat the children. Braja Bihari certainly thinks it is "reasonable" to beat small children.


Please at your earliest convenience; let me know your feelings on other aspects of my last letter.

Your servant,

Braja Bihari dasa




From: Brian Bloch 102631.206@compuserve.com

To: DHANURDHARASWAMI dhanurdhara.swami@iskcon.com

Cc: MURLIVADAKAPRABHU afn09663@frenet.ufl.edu,

       Bhrijana Prabhu bhurijana.acbsp@iskcon.com

Subject: Gauri Prabuh and CP

Dear Dhanurdhara Swami,


Thank you a millions times over for your letter! It was a great relief you hear from you. I apologize a million times as well for not sending you a report, etc. I would have sent it weeks ago, but the computer it is on is now not working. When I get the new part, which is suppose to come from US today or tomorrow I will send it to you.


It is not true that every one is ganging up on Dhanurdhara Swami. It is evident here that Braja Bihari loves the guy…….. I am glad at least he is relived!!!!


The day I sent you my proposed "restrictions on CP in the Gurukula, Gauri Prabhu came to me and INDEPENDENTLY of those suggestions and offered VOLUNTARILY the following points:

  1. All CP will be reported to the Steering Committee monthly.
  2. He will not use CP within his ashram. He will only use it when other ashram teachers bring their children for chastisement and only in the ashram teacher's presence and only after the proper escalation of consequences as outlined in the school charter is followed.


Note carefully what just happened. The GBC has just suspended any form of corporal punishment for the Vrindavana Gurukula. Gauri panics because he will not be able to beat the boys any longer. He decides to make an offer, seen as he has nothing to loose at this point. His offer is "let's not ban CP entirely; restrict it". He knows that once the heat from the investigation is over he will only be accountable to the Gurukula Steering Committee and things will be back to normal. He throws in his offer and he succeeds, the ban on CP in the Vrindavana Gurukula is lifted.

For the record the Steering Committee members were: Kaliya Krsna das, Gauri das, Chandrika devi dasi and Vaijanti Mala devi dasi. What Gauri is suggesting is that he will be reporting to himself, two matajis and Kaliya Krsna, who at the time was an old man, about to be made redundant, with no say in the was the school was run.

What I find most disturbing here is that Braja Bihari "sells" Gauri's "solution" to the situation as a feasible and almost admirable one.



Gauri Prabhu said to me he feels he should no longer use CP with the older boys (his ashram). I consider this offer extremely reasonable. I want to offer this as a final solution to recommendation #2 (no CP till Mayapur). I think the GBC men should see this as a very reasonable proposal, and a very healthy (especially from their point of view) outcome of their investigation.


Braja Bihari here considers this offer an extremely reasonable one: I'd love to know if his opinion would change in any way if he were on the receiving end of Gauri's beating. If he could live the terror a small child experiences when he is beaten by an adult who has complete power over him. In a position where there is no body to go to, no hope. I believe if  Braja Bihari experienced this even for just one time, he would not think it was all that "reasonable".


By the way, as an aside, the teacher's being upset with not being interviewed for the investigation has another angle on it. They praised us during the investigation for being so sensitive by not upsetting the school as we investigated. I was, however, interviewing them informally, and then expressing their viewpoint to the others. It was clear what their views were.


Braja Bihari here states, without any hint that he feels that what just took place is completely inappropriate, that the teachers were not even interviewed during the course of the investigation and that they were upset about it.

I suppose considering all the evidence thus far nobody will be surprised that somehow Gauri was found innocent enough to stay on and continue abusing the children of the Vrindavana Gurukula.


I will start pushing Gopal Krsna Maharaj about you visa situation and keep you posted. I am confident-even Bhadri Prabhu wants you to return, what to speak of all the teachers!

Your servant,

Braja Bihari dasa







To: Murli afn09663@freenet.ufl.edu

Cc: DDS dhanurdhara.swami@iskcon.com ,

       Gurudeva < bhurijana.acbsp@iskcon.com

Subject: Gauri Prabhu

Dear Murli Vadaka Prabhu,


I had a very nice meeting with Gauri Prabhu yesterday. Though he is as you said strong willed, he is thought, sensitive and considerate. He suggests that he be given again sanction to us CP within the following guidelines:

1.He will report all CP to the Steering Committee.


By this time Braja Bihari and Gauri were the most influential/powerful people in the Vrindavana Gurukula. For Gauri to suggest that the GBC allow him to resume with his beating conditional to him reporting to the school's Steering Committee is a farce. None of the other members of the Steering Committee had the character or authority to question Gauri or keep him in check.


2.He feels no longer a need to use CP with his students (the older boys). He proposes to use CP only as a final buidup of transgression against school policy? (as outlined in the school charter), and only in the presence of their ashram teacher.

I consider this very reasonable. What do you think? How do you think the GBC Ex.Co. will take it. If we can get this OK'ed, than the whole Investigation, as far as the school is concerned, is over, and we can proceed to other topics ( i.e. Com conference, a mission statement, etc). They are hesitant to proceed with these things until the investigation is complete.


Braja Bihari is very eager to put the investigation behind so that while Gauri is beating the children they can discuss Com conferences, a mission statement and other more important subjects.


I will be sending the official reply from the teachers that you requested soon. I know you are busy, but please let me know what you think about my last letter, and the above points. I'm waiting to here from you before posting these suggestions to Bhadri PRabu and Co. Is there still some time left before your "joint statement" with the GBC. I recall that you were suppose to hear from the teachers and alumni before a final statement was made.

Going through you last letter:

One more thing on the CPT. I feel there either has to be a teacher on the CPT or someone whom ALL the teachers have implicit trust in, otherwise many problems can arise.


Yea that would be so dreadful to actually have a CPT that is independent of the School (not under Braja Bihari's control). I can see all the problems he is referring to: there is a possibility that he would actually be made accountable and his duplicity exposed.


I again thought about the "pressured" atmosphere thing. The older boys are given quite a bit of freedom and responsibility. Certain we don't allow anarchy, but I don't see any basis for this claim. By the way. Gauri has had many talks with the letter. They cleared things up quite a bit.


I do not believe that at this point anybody will agree with Braja Bihari, when he says that the children of the Vrindavana Gurukula did not live in a pressured atmosphere.


Kd still struggles with his health, but he is following the courses again.

Your servant Braja Bihari dasa


It must be noted that many people were aware of what was happening at the time and nobody showed the conscience and integrity to oppose Braja Bihari and Gauri, nobody called them on it. Today Braja Bihari's wife runs the Vrindavana Gurukula; I believe that is reasonable cause for great concern.


Back to Gauri, how did this man ever become the president of the Bhaktivedanta Manor? More importantly why are we allowing him to remain in power? I suggest a Sampradaya Sun poll to find out what devotees believe is the right course of action in Gauri's case.

Your servant

Gurukuli dasa


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