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Welcome to the Krsna Blog. Now and then, our editors will tell you what's on their minds. Feel free to comment on these posts, and let us all know what's on your mind.

Why did my post disappear from the Krsna Blog?

Launch of the Sampradaya Sun

Posted by Rocana @ 12:30 AM PST [Link]

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Announcing the Launch of the Sampradaya Sun: On July 12th, 2005 the Sampradaya Sun began publication as a daily news website and independent reporting organization for the Vaisnava community. The Sampradaya Sun will serve as a full-service news venue, offering in-depth feature stories, fast publication of news and events submitted by the worldwide Vaisnava community, and philosophical editorial commentary from Sun editors and contributing writers. The Sun provides real-time Blog and PodCast network feeds, which are streamed to the front page and presented in a digest for easy feed subscription. Readers will also enjoy the Sun Blogs, where contributing writers are given their own Blogspace for direct dialogue with readers about the story they’ve submitted. See our "About" and "Submit" pages for details. We welcome your news contributions and look forward to serving you, for the pleasure of the Sampradaya Acaryas. Hare Krsna! [more]


Posted by Rocana @ 11:25 PM PST[ Read Post]

In his most recent comment on the “Sentimental Reunion” thread, Shiva das has posted two URL’s which allow us to peek behind the saffron curtain and observe the commotion surrounding the recently departed HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami. The debate between GBCs, sanyasis and ISKCON leaders is focused, in part, on Bhakti Tirtha Swami’s recorded opinions and comments on the touchy subject of homosexuality in Krsna Consciousness. No doubt the readers have seen the many articles posted on Chakra as this topic has been debated. I didn’t feel compelled to add my thoughts on the matter, but as it has come to the forefront in the Krsna Blog, I guess the time is right. [more]

Guru, Sadhu, Sastra

Posted by Rocana @ 06:44 AM PST[ Read Post]

We are all familiar with the refrain Guru, Sastra, and Sadhu as being the spiritually scientific methodology utilized in order to authorize every aspect of the Krsna Consciousness process. Much heated discussion has taken place within the Vaisnava community regarding the clarification of the position and pre-requisite qualifications of a "bona fide" diksa/siksa guru. Each person, group and/or institution consults the Sastra as well as the recorded statements of the Guru (Srila Prabhupada) and the writings of the Sadhu (past Acaryas) so as to give weight to their opinions on this subject. [more]


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