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"Launch of the Sampradaya Sun"

Announcing the Launch of the Sampradaya Sun: On July 12th, 2005 the Sampradaya Sun began publication as a daily news website and independent reporting organization for the Vaisnava community. The Sampradaya Sun will serve as a full-service news venue, offering in-depth feature stories, fast publication of news and events submitted by the worldwide Vaisnava community, and philosophical editorial commentary from Sun editors and contributing writers. The Sun provides real-time Blog and PodCast network feeds, which are streamed to the front page and presented in a digest for easy feed subscription. Readers will also enjoy the Sun Blogs, where contributing writers are given their own Blogspace for direct dialogue with readers about the story they’ve submitted. See our "About" and "Submit" pages for details. We welcome your news contributions and look forward to serving you, for the pleasure of the Sampradaya Acaryas. Hare Krsna!

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Posted by Bimbadhara das @ 01/23/2006 01:55 AM PST

Bob Dylan sang, ”You shouldn’t let other people get your kicks for you.”
What has happened to American society and why is interesting. Local anything has died. Local singing and music has been replaced by media music. Local government has been replaced by federal government. Local economy has been replaced by global economy. Local food production has been replaced by imported food. Local culture has been replaced by media culture. Local morality has been replaced by the worlds largest prison system.
The added efficiency of large-scale production is said to be reason for it. Since sacredness and spiritual meaning have been the losers, this would only makes sense if said sacredness of life was merely the means to material gain. But it should be the other way around!!
One asks why the Hare Krsnas formed no strong cult of music. Consider what is required for such a thing. There must be a large group of people with a common appetite for a particular type of music and local musicians that provide this music. And you must have faith in the music, which means that it must have ultimate significance, religious spiritual etc. Thus the only religious music in the US that really qualifies is traditional Christian music, classical Christian gospel hymns. All the rednecks know what it should sound like and any talented person who can play a guitar can entertain people. The Hare Krsnas would have to see their life of faith as a means of both material independence and spiritual freedom in order to produce a popular music “of the soul” In other words a culture of increasing spiritual and material strength would have to have come from Prabhupada in order to stimulate real music. Since from the beginning, devotees have been mostly dependent on the surrounding western culture, this faith did not manifest. If you want to hear indigenous Hindhu sacred music, it is available on line and it has the power and beauty to jump across cultural barriers. At least to me it is just as attractive as familiar gospel music, which I think, is the best “popular” music in the US. -B

Posted by hari rama @ 09/30/2005 11:31 PM PST

20 years ago at the age of 6 in a B.V there was talk with the boys of sexing for fun/ to make a long story short i think its not a B.V camp thing its miya and her hold! to give my life to KRSNA is what i need in my life
so thanks for this site i love to read storys that have a uplifting tone OM SRI KRSNA

Posted by Suresh Kumar Baliyan @ 09/16/2005 08:28 AM PST

Feb. 7, 2005: The Law of Energy Creation:
The proverb, "necessity is the mother of invention" is true. The demand for energy in the present scenario is so high that it is necessary to search for new sources. In the past, the conservation law stated that "energy can be neither created nor destroyed". Later, it was modified to "energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another". Nature gave us some materials with unique properties; if these properties are utilized in proper manner, then energy can be created.
I submit as a fundamental law that “Energy can be created only when the applied force is the inherent property of the source”

Inherent property means the property which exits as a natural or permanent feature or quality. There are many examples of such sources which have this inherent property :

Gravitational Force
As in the case of the sun and the earth system, the acting force is naturally large, due to which the earth rotates around the sun. This has a very small value in the case of bodies having small mass.

Magnetic Force
The attractive and repulsive forces between magnets are the inherent property. Single magnetic pole does not exist and so it is difficult to create energy using this property.

Electrostatic Force
The force between the two charges is the inherent property. Single poles exist in the form of positive or negative charge so it has an advantage over magnetic force.

The inherent property in the case of gravitational force and magnetic forces is not easy to use for energy creation as in the case of electrostatic forces.

It is suggested that "electrets" can be utilized as an inherent property source, which possess opposite electric charges on its surface. The electrets are the permanent polarized dielectric man made materials that are made by cooling dielectric material in the high intensity of an electric field. By using this inherent property of the electrets when an electron is placed in its electric field, energy can be created in the form of electric energy.

See this site as an example of the law http://www.faraday.ru

Posted by bhaktin Miriam @ 07/15/2005 12:15 PM PST

I would like to add an important clarification on the case of the child abuser who has been blatantly not following the CPO's injunctions. He is not a phedolphile. He is a man who had sexual intercourse with a 13 year old child. She consented at the time. But ten years later realized that she was much too young to consent.

Posted by bhaktin Miriam @ 07/15/2005 06:28 AM PST

I am glad that there is a new Vaisnava news service. I hope it is an open one where people can post without fear.
Rocana prabhu, as you might know, there are many things that must be clean up in ISKCON. Unfortunately, when we bring up these wrongs, we are attacked and called offenders. Maybe that is why little change comes about in ISKCON.
I don't know if this is the right place to report this, but I want other devotees to know what is going on in ISKCON as far as child abuse is concerned. So, would you kindly post the following in the Sampradaya Sun.

At the beginning of June of this year, 2005, I heard that a devotee molester was being honored and allowed to give classes and lead kirtans in Gita Nagari despite the fact that he is prohibited from doing so by the Child Protection Office.
I am not naming him because this man was never arrested by the police since the family of the victim did not press criminal charges.
Even so, the victim did write a 10 page letter detailing her abuse when she was a child of 13.
Members of the Child Protection Office investigated and realized that the devotee perpetrator gave inconsistent testimony. Meanwhile the victim provided details that she wouldn't have known unless the perpetrator took her to those apartments.
The CPO report states that if the devotee that committed the molestation doesn't apologize to the victim and gives her restitution of $3,000, he would be ban from ISKCON. It doesnt' appear that he did neither, but the current Child Protection director refuses to give such information. If he didn't the molester must ban.
Also, the CPO report states that he should not be allowed to give classes, lead kirtans or hold managerial positions. Yet, he has given classes and led kirtans many times. In some cases GBC members were present.
The former Child Protection Office director, Dhira Govinda Prabhu complained to the GBC and the leaders of ISKCON many times. But nothing was done to stop this practice. The victim herself complained to the leaders, but nothing was done.
Lately, before Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja passed away, this molester has been in Gita Nagari giving classes and leading kirtans. In fact, it was Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja's desire for this man to do this.
Since Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja favored this man, Maharaja's disciples give this molester great honor. The disciples want to believe that this man is innocent. Why else would their guru favor him? So, these disciples have been spreading rumors that the victim fabricated the whole thing and that the Child Protection Office and the GBC have made a pack to forgive the perpetrator while Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja was preparing to leave this world.
I e-mail Tamohara dasa, the new Director for ISKCON's Child Protection Office about this matter. All he said to me is that this perpetrator filed an appeal and that the appeals panel upheld the original CPO decision on this child abuser. Still, the panel reduced the time that the molester had to follow the CPO's injunctions from five years to three years.
I asked Tamohara prabhu what was the reason for reducing this child abuser's "sentence", but he did not reply. I then sent Tamohara prabhu another letter asking him if the abuser apologize and paid restitution to the victim (if he didn't, according to the CPO's injunction he must be ban from ISKCON). He did not reply to that letter either. I then wrote another letter asking him if its true that this perpetrator's injunctions were lifted while the molester was in Gita Nagari for Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja's passing away. That letter also went unanswered. I then wrote another letter asking Tamohara prabhu if this perpetrator will get punished for not following the Child Protection Office's (CPO) injunctions. No answer to that letter either.
Tamohara prabhu promised me a copy of the report of the Appeals panel decision. But he never sent it to me.
He has not been responding to any of my letters for more than two weeks now. I've heard that he has not been responding to other people's inquiries concerning this case either. The only thing that he would say is that the appeals panel reduced this child molester's sentence from 5 years to 3. But he refuses to give any details.
This child molester had a member of the GBC as his lawyer. But when I ask Tamohara prabhu who defended the victim, he would not answer. The only thing that he would say is that he did not get involved in the appeals procedure.
The child molester has to follow the CPO's injunctions till July 26, 2005. So far since the beginning of his sentence, in 2002, this molester has failed to follow the CPO's injunctions numerous times. For details of this please read my article entitled "The Persistent Child Abuse Problem in the Hare Krishna Movement" http://chakra.org/discussions/GurAug01_04.html
What is also disturbing is that he is being honored in Gita Nagari just because Bhakti Tirtha maharaja favored him. Also, if this molester has not been following the injunctions, then the only alternative is for him to be ban. Otherwise, what is the meaning of a Child Protection Office? Is this office just a public relations campaign? If the Child Protection Office doesn't have any way to enforce their injunctions, then why even bother having it?
Please if you can help me bring justice for the victim, I would greatly appreciate it.

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