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Dear devotees and visitors to Hare Krsna.com,

We would like to offer a singular response to the question, "Why did my post disappear from the Krsna Blog?"

The answer: Because it was deemed inappropriate.

When the HareKrsna.com website was first launched in July 1996, we hoped it might serve as a virtual gathering place for the disciples of Srila Prabhupada. The Internet gave devotees access to a widely-published forum in which they could speak their minds without censorship, often for the first time.

HareKrsna.com quickly became a repository for historical documents, position papers, manifestos, and heated exchanges of correspondence. Two devotee forums, the Garuda Express and the Dharma Mela, gave devotees an opportunity to talk directly about the issues of the day. We made every effort to avoid restrictive editorial oversight, because we believed establishing freedom of speech was crucial. While the Dharma Mela was well-loved by the site editors and many wonderful personalities who gathered there over the years, it was also a magnet for ranters who had little interest in discussing philosophy. Staying on top of the Mela was a daily chore. Each time a message was deleted, we tried to engage in an email dialogue with the poster so they'd understand the editorial policies behind the decision to delete. We took that job very seriously. Unfortunately, that process was not only time consuming, it was a great mental agitation. The Mela was eventually closed down. Since that time, several other devotee forums like the Mela have gone through similar cycles. A few years ago, the VNN forum disappeared. More recently, the India Divine forum underwent a major 'house cleaning'.

As can be expected, each time a forum closes down, the users disperse and look for new venues. Several have recently found their way to the Krsna Blog.

We're no longer willing to spend the time required to have a long exchange with posters before we delete their content or ban their presence here. Given that interactive forums have now been part of the mainstream Internet for 10 years, we assume users 'know the ropes'. We ask that you stay within the posting parameters here. Inappropriate postings will be deleted, without comment. If you feel the need to address the site editors in discussion about why that happened, feel free to email us at blog@harekrsna.com.

If your posting disappeared, consider it a warning. More than likely, you'll know exactly why we deleted it. Twice warned, and we'll block your IP address from posting here again. If that happens, and you think it was done unfairly, please contact us by email.

If you're unsure why your posting was deleted, please email us to discuss. We want to develop a cooperative relationship and make your posting experience here a pleasurable and satisfying one.

Those who post new combative blogs after a deletion will be permanently banned without discussion. Those who've been banned and post again from a different IP address will be reported to abuse@yourISP.

How do we define "appropriate content"?

The purpose of this Blog is to discuss issues from the standpoint of Krsna Consciousness philosophy as presented by Srila Prabhupada and the previous Sampradaya Acaryas. Naturally, we hope posters will comment on the main Blog theme posted by our site editors. The Krsna Blog isn't intended for extemporaneous personal posting.

If you take issue with an editorial blog, we encourage you to comment. But kindly do so with an emphasis on philosophical aspects of the issue. Statements we deem offensive to Krsna, Srila Prabhupada, the Sampradaya Acaryas, and the Vaisnavas will be deleted.

Beyond those most obvious boundaries, here's what we deem inappropriate:

  • simply posting personal criticism

  • pasting-in content from another source without adding your own personal comment

  • providing a URL with no philosophical explanation or commentary of your own

  • off-topic content

Postings that we deem to be inappropriate will be deleted. Again, we're happy to discuss problems and disagreements by email.