2018-2020 Vaisnava Calendars Online


Nov 30, 2017 — HUNGARY (SUN) —

We have uploaded new .TXT and .ICS calendar files for the following years: 2018 - Gaura Purnima 2020. All calendar dates are 100% in accordance to the very latest official GBC calendars, made by Gcal 11.

New file downloads here (.ICAL & .TXT)

The OLD 2016 to 2018 .TXT files are still online and available here.

This year we are celebrating 10 years of this reminder service! The original software we developed to perform this service is in need of an upgrade... technology is going out of date and more modern solutions need to be put into place. In order to maintain the ever increasing amount of subscribers for this free service we rely heavily on the kind donations of a few devotees. We humbly ask that if devotees have found our services valuable, to please consider a one time, or even yearly donation.

It doesn't have to be much, if many gave a small amount it would go a long way to cover all existing expenses and give facility to expand. Even a one time $5 or $11 dollar donation goes a long way.

Your donations can be made here:


Thanking you all in advance!

Your aspiring servant,

Caitanya Candra das


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