10 Buddhist Temples Burned in Bangladesh


Oct 05, 2012 — DHAKA, BANGLADESH (PROVINCE/AP) — Amnesty International urges Bangladesh to seek justice for victims of attacks on Buddhists

About 1,000 Buddhist families fled their villages after rioters burned and vandalized at least 10 Buddhist temples and 40 homes and looted shops last weekend in the southern coastal district of Cox's Bazar. The violence was perpetrated when thousands of people took to the streets in anger over a Facebook photo of a burned Quran. Bangladesh's High Court asked the government on Wednesday to explain why local officials failed to provide security to minority Buddhists.

The government has already arrested around 300 people for their alleged role in the violence, while authorities have pledged to provide security to minority Buddhists in the predominantly Muslim country. Amnesty International says it wants Bangladesh take immediate steps.

In a statement Wednesday, Abbas Faiz, Amnesty's Bangladesh researcher, said the attacks "have shocked Muslims and non-Muslims alike" in the country, and Bangladeshi authorities "must ensure this does not happen again."

Source: The Province, Canada.com


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