Mar 15, 2020 —CANADA (SUN) —

A two-day digest of the latest reports on Coronavirus in the ISKCON community.

Coronavirus case in Kolkata & Mayapur (Times of India): Several Odisha newspapers reported that a 55 year-old man from Malkangiri, Odisha spent time with ISKCON devotees at the Kolkata temple and in Mayapur is suspected of having the virus.

4 including Peruvian national admitted to isolation ward (Outlook): A Peruvian national and three Indians including a nine-month-old child were admitted to the isolation ward of a government hospital in Kolkata with symptoms. The two Indians had travelled to Mayapur, one recently returned from Saudi Arabia, and the child from Kuwait.

Devotees keep away from places of worship (The Hindu): Big temples in the cities of Benalguru including Sri Krishna Temple and Venkateshwara Temple have reported a marked decrease in the number of devotees attending. Some are providing hand wash facilities while others have stopped distributing prasad.

ISKCON Suspends Gatherings Across South Africa (Indian Spice): ISKCON national council has flagged the suspension of gatherings and events of more than 50 persons as a preventative strategy, starting March 16th. The Durban Festival of Chariots has also been cancelled.


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