Double Thinking


Dec 02, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

We have many examples of ISKCON's conception that a guru can and may eventually fall down. The GBC accepts this idea. I have, however, given many obvious arguments proving that a real pure devotee can not fall down. And many other devotees did the same before me. Moreover, the notions of guru and of a pure devotee are abundantly mentioned and described in Sastras.

But the GBC has adopted, anyway, the concept that a guru is not necessarily a pure devotee. We can wonder what the use to have such a person as guru, but never mind! Let's accept that for a moment... In the GBC's concept, those persons are authorized to be gurus because Srila Prabhupada allowed and encouraged his disciples to become gurus one day. Discussion about the proper qualification to become guru apart, all that is therefore, somehow, based on Srila Prabhupada's authority and words.

Again, the GBC accepts the idea that those gurus may fall down. And that, in such a case, they will officially lose any spiritual authority.

About the whole GBC, we are somehow in the same set-up of things. It is based on Srila Prabhupada's authority and words. On the other hand, this notion of a Body of persons being a spiritual authority is never mentioned nor described in Sastras. It is a fact, even if it can not be a pretext to argue about Srila Prabhupada's order. Nevertheless, we can be surprised that where pure devotees, who are widely mentioned and described in Sastras and in Prabhupada's words, are not absolute in ISKCON's opinion (for they may fall down and therefore lose their authority), a group of persons such as the GBC itself, which is never mentioned in the absolute Sastras, is, on the other hand, acknowledged by ISKCON as an absolute authority which can not fall down in any circumstances and consequently lose its authority. That, for the next 9,500 years. All that looks very strange and paradoxical.

Therefore, please, kindly put definitively in your mind that the day when the GBC will tell you to kill its opponents, and that it's better to start practicing Buddhism, you will have to do it without discussion or doubts, and you will be on the real path to perfection.

That reminds me the Soviet power in the ex-USSR. They were saying exactly the same. Individuals could eventually be wrong but the whole Communist Party could not. They were actually sincerely believing that.

So, it looks great that after so many years of practice, the GBC has somehow, more or less, developed this high Communist Consciousness!


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