Nov 30, 2017 — FRANCE (SUN) —

ISKCON long ago became used to serving everyone, and very often, this easy pretext of cooperation was in order to drive all devotees under its banner. It looks impossible for me to count the number of times I heard this word from devotees. I believe that I heard it from them more often than the name of Krsna. It looks like we were and are supposed now to practice Cooperation Consciousness more than anything else. All that, of course, in the name of Srila Prabhupada. The perfect honey trap.

OK! Let's accept that for a moment. We all agree, anyway, with this idea of cooperating for the purpose of spreading Krsna Consciousness. The problem is not there. The issue is that when we hear this concept, it is always on the basis of first fully accepting the GBC's absolute authority. Cooperation, therefore, means cooperation under the GBC authority and nothing else! The problem is that, for many of us, with all that the GBC is doing since long, this kind of cooperation means much more "criminal association". Spiritually speaking and also, very often, materially speaking! Who is candidate for that?

Moreover, cooperation generally means that there are differences between the persons who cooperate and so, implies an acceptance of those differences. Which means tolerance and open mindedness. If those differences are not there, there is no need of this concept of cooperation. Another word should be used. Therefore, if ISKCON is so much concerned about cooperation in order to spread Krsna Consciousness, why are ISKCON and the BBTI, which is its books supplier, so intolerant towards others? To the point of persistently threatening legal action, or even suing some independent devotees and temples, and also to the point of confiscating original Prabhupada books edited by devotees with their own money? Even more when we know that it looks like the BBTI lost in the court some years ago on this matter.

Therefore, those devotees have even the legal right to print those books! What to speak of the spiritual right to do it. And by distributing those genuine books, they contribute to spreading Krsna Consciousness. Is it not what the GBC and the BBTI pretend to be concerned about?

It looks like, in those particular cases, the word "cooperation" never appears on the holy lips of ISKCON and BBTI leaders...

So, there is not any longer a question of cooperation with those people for many of us. The only subject matter for the moment is: who will vanquish the other camp?


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