Materialists Manufacture God


Sep 11, 2017 — MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (SUN) — Thoughts on purport 212, Adi Lila ch.17.

Materialists manufacture God and
Make Him impersonal too
They like religious ceremonies
For comfort, living with who
With wife and family and bank balance
And imagined bliss but strife
Foam at the mouth disappointed
His competitors may steal his wife
They manufacture lots of Gods
And worship them all as one
So called swami says these things
But pasandis faithless, we shunned
They don't know the Lord's Names potency or who can chant His Name
They think lower class bring
Bad reputation and put to shame
The higher religious principles
That are meant only for them
Brahmans intelligent persons
Highest class to blend
They may think that when
Lower classes chant His Name
The potency will be covered
And will not feel the same
Diminished potency
Just because of birth
This is some of their thinking
And in their subtle curse
They condemn themselves
As offenders
No real knowledge of the Name
And why Mahaprabhu has come
To crush the smartas fame
And give the highest truth
To a humble spirit within
And a surging expectation
And realisations that bring
The consciousness to unfold
And place any soul, where to be?
At the Lotus feet of Sri Krishna
And in His devotees service and free.


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