I.Q. Close to Zero


Sep 05, FRANCE (SUN) —

As said by Krsna in Bhagavad-Gita, material energy is His inferior energy. Spiritual energy is His superior one. Therefore, things are very clear. Consequently, there is absolutely no comparison between those two Krsna's energies. And consequently, between spiritual power and material power.

If some demons took power in ISKCON, it is only because this way of acting materially is far more natural and reachable for anyone in this material universe. Almost any fool can do evil. To get spiritual power enough to prevent demoniac power, or to topple it, needs much more time and effort for the conditional souls that we are. However, when we get it, it is eternal and we are fit to act.

Those foolish demons get only a very temporary and imperfect power. And those fools don't even enjoy as they were thinking they will! That's the nature of material desires and pleasures which they did not understand. After, it is too late! They did the thing! That's the reason why they don't look happy and are grey like sardines. After, they get, with no doubt, a kind of "eternity" in order to suffer and to be able to think about their own stupidity and rotteness which put them in their hopeless situation. Thinking which does not help them very much...

Imagine yourself being, for example, closed in your water-closets of 1 square meter for thousands and thousands of years, without any possibility either to get out or to die... So, we know and Bhagavad-Gita shows us that the demons are stupid!. The fact that they use their material power, intelligence and techniques in the frame of ISKCON does not change anything, for all those things are not adapted to this frame. That's the reason why they are always hesitating, changing their plans, etc... They are. fools! That does not mean that everyone, or even a majority of ISKCON's people are demons. A handful of them is enough to make the whole ISKCON what it is!

If the votes of the GBCs are raised-hand votes and not secret ones, it is enough for some demons to detect those who are not "in line" and so, to put a subtle pressure on people who want to keep their positions, even for good reasons. Many are certainly only trapped in the system. Therefore, nothing is easier than to get rid of those bad people and to take back power. It is only a question of being the right moment.

The only issue is that real Prabhupada disciples who are outside naturally got old, too and have now their work, home etc., and that 40 years were more or less wasted. But never mind! We can not repair that anyway... However, we should be ready, at any moment, to bring back the whole thing under its normal functioning and to take the BBT, GBC, etc. positions which will become soon available.


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