Modification Crazy!


Sep 24, 2012 — OJAI, CALIFORNIA (SUN) —

Modifications a & b

The proponents of the Final Order (FO) are obsessed with what has become known as Modifications a & b. They insist on claiming that nobody has been able to refute these interpretations of the evidence and thus continue to make propaganda that suggests the conclusions of the FO-Sastra are sound and accurate. The fact is that there have been many rebuttals to the suggestion that Srila Prabhupad ordered a RtVik system. Discretionary thinkers know this and are not swayed by the convoluted way RtViks continue to twist and distort arguments inside out. Teenagers are also very convinced that their understanding of the world is more accurate than that of their elderly parents but thankfully they are usually wrong. Otherwise abortions would skyrocket, addictions would increase and society would be plunged into total mayhem.

I don't think anyone would disagree that the whole focus of FO-Fables revolves completely around the search for a response to Modification a & b presented on page two. At least for the hard core RtVIks, the entire Guru/RtVik debate rests on a response to these assertions. We will take a look at these challenges later, but before we do let's back up a bit and consider a few other important and relevant issues.

Good-bye to the Way of the Vaishnava

Most devotees have had the futile experience of trying to explain Krishna Consciousness to a "Born Again Christian." It seems that no matter how well versed one is, if the disciple of Jesus is not objective and committed more to growth than to dogma, the exchange will have little transcendental value. In fact it is a well-established transcendental truth that one should not cast their pearls before swine. (1 End Notes) In our tradition we are taught that it is offensive to preach the glories of the lord to the faithless (2) and in the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna reminds us that:

    "Let not the wise disrupt the minds of the ignorant who are attached to fruitive action. They should be encouraged not to refrain from work, but to work in the spirit of devotion." (Bg 3.26 McMillian Edition) …Therefore a realized soul in Krishna consciousness should not disturb others in their activities or understanding, but he should act by showing how the results of all work can be dedicated to the service of Krishna. The learned Krishna conscious person may act in such a way that the ignorant person working for sense gratification may learn how to act and how to behave. Although the ignorant man is not to be disturbed in his activities, a slightly developed Krishna conscious person may directly be engaged in the service of the Lord without waiting for other Vedic formulas... (Purport)

All these instructions indicate an important point that has gotten lost in the Guru/Rtvik Debate.

What is missing is the fact that sometimes the proper response is a simple prayer for better understanding and both parties then agree to go their own ways. If the audience has demonstrated they are incapable of considering anything other than their "Already Always" way of thinking, further dialogue would simple create unnecessary disturbance in the minds of those who are attached to fruitive action. It is relatively easy for even a neophyte Vaishnava to defeat the theological arguments of some of the most well studied Christians simply because the Bible lacks the scope and clarity of the Bhagavad Gita. However it is virtually impossible for even the most expert preacher to get an evangelical Christian to admit that they have been defeated! What is the value of such a dialogue? We are told here that arguing like this offers no real transcendental value and the one who is more transcendentally mature will not indulge in such useless debate. Instead they simply encourage their opponent to engage in positive service, to whatever degree they are capable of comprehending. After having done that they are content to let Krishna sort out the details and guide them from there.

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Modification Crazy!


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