The Grace and Sweet Miracle of One Young Mother


Jul 15, 2014 — MULBERRY, TENNESSEE, USA (SUN) — As we gain experience in the mysterious secrets of the earth, the sweet interactions with the animals, as they display their intelligence, and cause us to smile in amazement, as we experiment with varieties of grains and veggies, it should be known to all how far away we have slipped from the simple village, earth/cow dependent life…..

We are American born… and really have been alienated from our natural connection to the earth. Mother Earth is always ready to re-embrace us, and has re-embraced us here at Murari... and she is revealing her wonders gradually as we remain determined to serve Krsna through her soil, forest and four-legged dependents. Protecting all of them, and earnestly trying to restore their confidence in us.

We can and must do this… it is intrinsically entwined into the golden era of Lord Caitanya. The all powerful, pure Holy Name can set all things in proper order. First we must chant for our own purity, and to help others, and then bring our pure habits as offerings to the cows and the land, as practical demonstration of the effect of chanting of the Holy Names. In essence, the entire manifestation of Gauranga's blessings will transform this whole unfortunate yet reversible situation. We must have faith, firm faith and conviction in Lord Caitanya's promise.

Krishna is very kind, and every now and then lets us know that we are "getting it right", retrieving our lost relationship with Him, and the natural wonders around us. Murari is full of natural wonders, but this particular wonder is truly wonderful….as we are humbled by the grace and sweetness of one mother.

Her name is Radha, of course… When James first came to Murari, there were no cows….James was here only a week, and he offered to give me $1,000, but I told him to hang on to it… you may need it…. Shortly after this offer he said he wanted to buy a cow… he has always wanted a cow… A boy from the burbs wants a cow? Anyway, a cow came along, her name became Yasoda. She was and is a great cow…the leader of the herd. She produced one calf… her name is Radha. She is just 2 yrs. old this month.

Just recently, James, and his wife Olivia (who by the way is almost 7 months pregnant with twins) noticed her milk bag, which is quite small and adolescent, looked a little big. After closer inspection, it seemed there was something in it. James began squeeze her small nipples…. and whoa! Milk began to come out. How is this possible? She is so young, and has never had a calf? What started as 1cup approx. 4 weeks ago has increased daily to almost half a gallon. Virgin milk… is this is some sort of miracle? Perhaps, but one thing for sure… it's a confirmation that we (despite our shortcomings of every description), are getting this right.

This small group of mothers are only hand milked, they are sung mahamantra during milking, and they are brushed and watched over very carefully.

We are preparing the winter fields now so they have green grasses even in the winter…winter rye. We are ever open to anyone who feels moved by this story to aid in this humble attempt to regain the trust and love of these great animals… (Paypal is on the website homepage.) We attribute all success to Harinam prabhu, the strength of the strong, the savior of the weak, and the protector of the cows… and of us all.

May you relish this story with great relish…
yours in Prabhupada, always on call…
your servant, Gadi das


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