Bhu Mandala Versus the Bhu Gola


Mar 26, 2018 — AUSTRALIA (SUN) —

Bhu Gola is not in the VedaBase so here is a film showing the Mandal Plane of Mother Bhumi. Lord Varaha did not pick up a globe Earth, He picked up a flat circular Earth. This film explains the observations made in Australia from 'Flat Earth Lookout', previously known as Point Danger, South East Queensland, Australia that completely show that any Global Map of the Earth is simply NOT TRUE. There is no curvature and this world is 4 times greater outside of the Equator than inside the Equator. Google Earth is a LIE.

Should of the Sampradaya Sun readers wish to contact me after watching my film, please do so:

Happy Gaura Purnima,
Achintya Govinda das



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