Sri Bhakti Ratnakara, Part 96


Sri Krsna Caitanya Sankirtana
Hand-colored Lithograph, Calcutta, c. 1876

Feb 10, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) — A serial presentation of Sri Bhakti Ratnakara by Srila Narahari Cakravarti Thakur.

Chapter Nine

The life story of Govinda, the brother of Ramacandra

After two to four days Sri Govinda left Kumar Nagara and went to Telia, where the villagers received him happily. The gentlemen of the village came forward to meet him and selected a beautiful place for him to live. They were impressed by Sri Govinda's good qualities and he was very happy to have their kind and affectionate association.

Although Govinda was satisfied there he never forgot the mercy of Srinivasa Acarya. He wondered when the day would come that he would be a servant at the feet of Sri Acarya, when the Acarya would grant him diksa mantra and when he would be admitted into the companions of Sri Acarya.

As a devotee of Goddess Bhagavati, Govinda lived in Kumar Nagara, worshipping the Goddess with songs and poetry, which were the delight of his many companions who were also worshippers of Shakti. The poet explained the reason for his attachment to Goddess Bhagavati. His maternal grandfather was a shakta who kept Bhagavati always by his side. His grandfather's name was Damodara Kavirja and Damadora's daughter was Sunanda. Govinda was Sunanda's son. Govinda remained in his mother's womb too long and Sunanda was in great distress at the time of delivery. Her maidservant hastily informed Kaviraja of the problem while he was engaged in worshipping Bhagavati. He did not speak to the maidservant but by certain movements of his hands and eyes he indicated that she should take the weapon of Sri Durga and show it to Sunanda. That would assist her in a painless delivery of her child. The maidservant could not understand Kaviraja's indications very well. She washed the weapon in water and gave the water to Sunanda to drink. Thereafter Sunanda quickly and painlessly gave birth to a beautiful son.

The child grew day by day like the moon. Everyone in the village knew that he was born by the mercy of Sri Bhagavati. As a young child he lost his father and gained no worldly education. His maternal grandfather cared for him throughout his childhood, moulding Govinda according to his own doctrines and rituals used in worshipping Bhagavati. Other people also advised Govinda to continue the worship of Bhagavati. They insisted that no activity could be successful without the pleasure of Bhagavati.

When Ramacandra took initiation from Sri Acarya Sri Govinda assured himself that since he had been worshipping Bhagavati sincerely from his childhood, Bhagavati would certainly grant him salvation. But as he was thinking this an oracle from Bhagavti told him that if he did not worship Krsna he would not get salvation. Although he was unhappy, Sri Govinda decided to become a disciple of Sri Acarya Prabhu and worship the lotus feet of Krsna. For that purpose he went to Jajigram only to learn that Sri Acarya had gone to Vrndavana. Govinda lamented his misfortune, but he considered the kindness of the Vaisnavas who had told him about his own father, Chiranjiva Sena. Chiranjiva was a disciple of Caitanya Candra and Govinda lamented that he could not follow the path of his devoted father. He regarded himself as a worthless person in this world and lamented his misfortune.

Govinda cherished the hope of meeting Sri Acarya so that a change would occur in his wicked mind. He remembered his elder brother whose life had already been moulded by the favor of Acarya Prabhu. He lamented that even though his elder brother had gotten the favor of the Acarya he himself had not. He cried as he rebuked himself and soaked his body with tears. At that moment a oracle from the sky told him that his desires would be fulfilled within a few days. From that very day Govinda's devotion to Radha and Krsna increased steadily. Ramacandra was glad to find his brother in this transformed state of mind. When Govinda moved to Telia Budhuari village he first lived on the Western side which was known as Sri Paschimapia and later settled in Budharia. In every sphere of life Govinda liked to depend on his elder brother.

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