Devotee Cook Wanted – Alicante, Spain

Wanted - Devotee cook with experience to work as chef for state of the art restaurant and preaching center Krsna Cuisine in beautiful Alicante, Spain. Apply through the email info@krsacuisine.com or by telephone +34 687357660

Posted by Kesava Bharati dasa (BCS), Nov 30, 2017

Hare Krishna Festival of India
Service Opportunity Available

Position: Assistant Director of Operations for Festival of India
Reports to: The Director

Objectives and Purpose

• To encourage the crew in their Krishna consciousness—the devotees are what makes the program
• To manage and insure that every festival is set up promptly
• To manage and insure that every festival is packed up promptly, and the venue is left clean
• To encourage sponsors to support the program

Duties and responsibilities

• Travel with, and manage the Devotees on the crew--who set up & maintain the festivals
• Communicate with Temple Presidents/Festival organizers to understand their needs
• Organize the site-plan, setup & packing up of every festival
• Clearly communicate that plan to the crew
• With a 'visible sadhana'--set a Krishna conscious example for the men on the tour
• Whenever possible, attend morning programs at the temples the tour visits

For more information, please see the complete job posting (pdf).

Posted by Madhuha dasa, Oct 11, 2017

Seeking Employment

I am Pankaj Sumra, spiritual name is permanent Das. I am from Surat, India. I am searching a job within an ISKCON temple or within ISKCON devotee's firm anywhere in India, and if in anywhere no problem.

I have knowledge of back office operations. I like work with computer hardware or network, I have basic experience in it. Please, if any jobs are available please tell me. My education diploma is in computer technology.

My number: +91-8401640463
My email: id-pankajroz.246@gmail.com

Posted by Pankaj Sumra, May 31, 2017

Cowherd and Ox Trainer Needed in Sweden

Service/Work opportunity as cowherd and ox-trainer in New Caitanya Candrodaya Mandir, Sweden.

Job description: approx. 40-45 hours per week (full time) service in around the cow barn. Milking the cows, cleaning the barn, training and working with the oxen, health care, etc.

Qualifications: Dedication to the mission of HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada and the ISKCON society, following the 4 reg. principles and being enthusiastic about cow protection. Preferably with experience of working with cows and oxen, otherwise a sincere willingness to be trained to work in this field. We would prefer a grihasta couple, but if this service interests you, contact us anyway.

Provision: Salary and an apartment for living.

New Caitanya Candrodaya mandir (Almviks gård) is a farm community beautifully situated near a lake and lots of forest a little south of Stockholm, Sweden. This ISKCON community was founded in 1981 and is home for around 60 devotees and 14 cows and oxen. The presiding Deities in the large temple is Sri-Sri Panca-Tattva. Visit: http://www.almviksgard.se

Please contact Malyahari-kunda dasi for more information: harikunda@outlook.com.

Posted by Joseph Frankl, September 18, 2016

Varnasrama Project, Northern California

To all bona fide disciples of HDG Srila Prabhupada and aspiring devotees who want to help establish Varna Ashram in the USA: We have purchased a secluded 5 acre parcel with a big creekside house and other buildings, including guest rooms, animal sheds, solar showers, and a huge greenhouse for growing non-GMO free organic food and flowers for the Lord and his devotees!

I am the owner, Murari Krsna dasa, and a siksa disciple of Srila Prahupada since 1975. I chant at least 16 rounds and follow all principles of ISKCON Vaisnavas. No 420 friendly or other items allowed like drinking, smoking, drug use, gambling etc.

If we want to establish a future for the Vaisnava culture we must be very serious ourselves. Anyone who wants to live in a beautiful spiritual community who will work hard for Lord Krsna can apply. We are located near Hwy 5 close to the large city of Redding in Northern California, and just 40 minutes from the famous spiritual retreat, Mt Shastra. Send your personal contact info to: nrg16108@yahoo.com.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Posted by Murari Krsna dasa, June 28, 2016

Own the Business Without a Karmic Boss………

Now devotees can own a business in the way of spiritual path. We are located in India and provide training and guidance to start a travel house. Devotees are not charged for this but they can get good incentives and profit from our travel house.

To learn more about it…………. Whatsup us @ +91 9880424249

or mail us at: info@divineyatras.in

Submitted by Vidhyanidhi dasa, February 15, 2016


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