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"Regarding your request for cooking information, it is best if you will consult Yamuna Dasi in London. She is very expert cook, and will be able to answer any questions you have regarding prasadam preparations. I understand that Yamuna has written a recipe book which they are trying to have printed in London soon, so this also will be available to help you in this connection."

Srila Prabhupada Letter to Sivarama, 01-23-69

In 1997, we were fortunate to celebrate Sri Krsna Janmastami at Ramesta dasa’s beautiful log home along the Skagit River in Washington. At the time, Yamuna devi and Dinatarine devi were living on the property, working to establish a Vedic cooking school and retreat program there.

I have fond memories of spending a day in the kitchen with Yamuna dasi on that occasion. I image that everywhere she travels, devotees along the way have a similar experience to mine…. the happiness of having watched a master devotee cook preparing sumptuous preparations for Sri Sri Radha Krsna.

Yamuna devi’s skill in preparing Krsna prasadam is known worldwide amongst the devotees, but her mastery of Indian vegetarian cooking is also known outside the community of devotees, thanks in large part to the publication of her famous cookbook, “Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking”. First published in 1987 by Bala Books, this award-winning cookbook sets the standard for all those interested in learning the fine art of cooking Indian vegetarian.

“Lord Krishna’s Cuisine” is an amazing 800 page compendium of recipes, instruction on cooking methods, gear and ingredients, and stories that give us a peek into prominent residential and temple kitchens across India. Best of all, Yamuna devi shares the stories of her personal experiences with Srila Prabhupada, who taught her not only the fundamentals, but also the fine points of cooking for the pleasure of Sri Krsna.

First edition copies of this great cookbook are long gone, and the reprint edition, with new cover design, has replaced it. First editions can be found on Ebay, and bring increasingly high prices.

One of the few missing elements in this great cookbook is detailed sub-indices on topics of particular interest to the devotees. For example, there are many wonderful references to Yamuna’s cooking pastimes with Srila Prabhupada, but one can’t easily search for them in the alphabetical General Index. These jewels can only be found as you read your way here and there throughout the cookbook. Because these little gems are our great favorites, we compiled the following index for easy reference.

Similarly, we’ve compiled topical indices for temple and family recipes referenced in the cookbook. Each index offers the recipe title and page number which correspond to the 1987 first edition. While page numbers may be slightly different in the later edition, you can easily find them by recipe title.

Srila Prabhupada’s Recipes:

Royal Rice (Pushpanna) - 33
Mung Dal Soup with Radishes - 49
Urad Dal with Tomatoes - 54
Fennel Urad Dal Soup - 55
Five-Dal Soup - 64
Dal Khichari - 80
Dal Vunchi Khichari - 82
Chapati - 102
Chenna Chapati - 106
Paratha - 119
Poori - 136
Eggplant Fritters - 215
Bhona Baigan Bhaji - 216
Panir Maharani - 232
Pakora Karhi - 324
Kabli Chana Karhi - 326
Mangorhi Karhi - 331
Chenna Rasedar - 353
Digestive Breakfast Salad - 363
Palate Cleanser Salad - 367
Roasted Peanut Chutney - 401
Tamatar Chatni - 402
Pickled Green Chilies - 431
Guava Jams - 436-437
Dahi Badas - 447
Baigan Bhaji - 461
Spinach and Tomato Pakora - 463
Kachoris - 476, 489
Radish and Mung Dal Patties - 531
Simply Wonderfuls - 590
Gaja - 646
Ambrosial Cream - 654
Ekadasi Beverage - 666
Vrindavan Goswami Sharbat - 672
Lime Ginger Ale - 675
Sweet Milk - 687

Recipes from Srila Prabhupada’s Sister, Pishima:

Mung Dal Soup with Tomatoes - 50
Toasted Mung Dal Soup - 51
Toovar Dal Khichari - 84
Stuffed Okra - 265
Chenna Tikka - 358
Chana Tamatar Bada - 528
Chenna Khas-Khas Tikka - 359

Other Prabhupada References:

Srila Prabhupada’s “Cooker” - 49
Travel Lunches - 119
Cooking Basics - 171
When to Eat Chillis - 226

Temple & Asrama Recipes:

Radha-Ramana Temple, Vrindaban -

Louki Chana Dal - 56
Sri Radha-Govinda Temple, Jaipur -
Khasa Obla Gobhi - 201
Sree Radha-Rasabehari Mandir,
Bombay - Urad Dal
Bhara Arbi Patta - 274
Radha-Govinda Temple, Calcutta -
Meetha Tamatar Chatni - 403
Radha-Govinda Temple, Jaipur -
Meetha Tamatar Sas - 419
Jagannath Mandir, Puri and Sri
Simhachalam, Vishakha-
patnam - Masala Iddli - 515
Radha-Govinda Mandir, Hyderbad -
Makkai Iddli - 520
Radha-Govinda Temple, Calcutta -
Nariyal Dhood Ladoo - 630
Sri Sita-Rama Temple, Udupi -
Badaam Kheer - 651
Radha-Govinda Temple, Jaipur -
Panch Amrita - 682

Indian Family Recipes:

Calcutta - Hari Matar Paratha - 125
Vrindaban - Mooli Paratha - 128
Kurukshetra - Gobhi Aloo Bhaji - 217
Srinagar - Bhindi Bhaji - 224
Vrindaban - Aloo Badi Shorba - 233
Ahmadabad - Makkai Shorba - 248
Brahmins, Delhi - Malai Sak - 258
Madhya Prd. - Urad Bhara Arbi - 274
Hyderbad - Simla Mirch Karhi - 322
Royal Palace, Uttar Pradesh - Ras

Malai - 622
Vrindavan - Vrindavan Pera - 629

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