Srila Prabhupada Lecture, Seattle, 10-18-68
"It is a common sense affair. If the lawyers accept some book then it is understood that this is a lawbook. If you say that "how can I accept this law?" The evidence is the lawyers are accepting. Medical...if the medical practitioners accept then that is authoritative medical. Similarly, if saintly persons are accepting Bhagavad-Gita as scripture, you cannot deny it."

In the legal sense, the process of discovery requires a clear articulation of the points of examination, followed by the methodical gathering of information related to these essential points. Peripheral materials are studied, questions are posed based on the forensic examination of evidence, and theories are formed and re-formed. Suspicions are tested, and eventually it is hoped that the truth can be arrived at.

From a practical standpoint, "discovery" also requires that the seeker have an open mind. In the context of allegations that Srila Prabhupada might have been poisoned, discovery requires not only open minds, but open hearts. We must attend to the process of investigation in as Krsna conscious a manner as possible. On one hand, we face the ever-present threat of committing Vaisnava aparadha. On the other, we feel duty bound to protect our Spiritual Master, even against wrongs that might already have been committed.

The fledgling attempts being introduced by the Vaishnava News Network, PADA, and the Hare Krsnas website are proof that the practical application of the concept of freedom of information and expression is undoubtedly fraught with many difficulties. We are all likely to make many errors along the way, as we work to become established and appreciated as important functions in the creation of an open society.

Each one of us has to fight with our mind, begging it to remain open to evidence which may be conflicting or disappointing. Facts may or may not point in the direction we hoped or speculated they would. As the truth is slowly revealed, we may be faced with the painful realization that our biases were unfounded, or motivated by envy or denial. This is the process that we ALL face, regardless of our politics or position.

Our intention in this virtual space is to archive those documents which appear to offer potential evidence, help to establish historical fact, or which might help to further develop the context within which we now struggle to understand what really happened in the last years of Srila Prabhupada's life.

We encourage your participation and response in this process. Please visit the Dharma Mela Forum and share your concerns and realizations with us.

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