Sri Stavavali

Collected Prayers

Volume Four

Table of Contents

Sri Gopala-raja-stotra

Prayer to the King of Gopas

Sri Madana-gopala-stotra

Prayers to Sri Madana-Gopala

Sri Visakhanandabhidha-stotra

Prayers with Names that are the Bliss of Visakha

Sri Mukundastaka

Eight Prayers Glorifying Lord Mukunda

Sri Utkantha-dasaka

Ten Longings

Sri Nava-yuva-dvandva-didrksastaka

Eight Longings to see the Youthful Divine Couple

Sri Abhista-prarthanastaka

Eight Requests

Sri Dana-nirvartana-kundastaka

Eight Prayers Glorifying Sri Dana-nirvartana-kunda

Sri Prarthanasraya-caturdasaka

Fourteen Prayers for Shelter


Revelation of Desires


Sri Gopala-raja-stotra

Prayer to the King of Gopas

1 The best of mountains a bunch of golden flowers on the great broad arm of the branch of the incomparable tamala tree of His transcendental form, and the charming reddish fingertips of His other hand resting on His hip, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

2 The wonderful moon of His handsome face making the two lotuses of His charming eyes blossom, and the parrot’s beak of His nose smelling the splendid bimba fruit of His lips, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

3 With the moving curved bows of His eyebrows shooting swift and sharp arrows from the corners of His eyes as if to drive away the powerful lion of Radha’s peacefulness, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

4 Considering the kiss of Radha’s lips unattainable and, on the pretext of vainly gazing at His own cheeks, from afar meditating on Her reflection in a mirror, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

5 The fragrant breeze from His teeth, which defeat a host of splendid ripe pomegranate seeds, creating the restlessness of a parrot’s tongue in the hearts of the young gopis, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

6 Making the gopis intoxicated with the nectar of His words, and then stealing from them the precious jewels of transcendental amorous pastimes, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

7 As if to frighten the bumblebee gopis intoxicated by His transcendental glories, he wears on His blue lotus forehead kunkuma tilaka like a stationary lightning flash on a host of monsoon clouds. Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

8 Eagerly tying the two Kama ropes of His ears to capture the restless young cakora birds of Radha’s eyes, and like a glorious moon decorated with shark-shaped earrings, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

9 With the powerful soldiers of His restless glances plundering the jewels of the young gopis senses and keeping these jewels in the palace of His heart behind the great sapphire door of His chest, jubilant Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

10 The three folds of skin flowing on His handsome abdomen enter the navel-lake from which a fearful serpent of a great line of hairs rises to suddenly devour the mouse of the young gopis’ shyness. Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

11 His hips broad and handsome, and His thighs a pool of sweet nectar for the gopis and the destruction of the sapphire plantain trees’ pride, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

12 His feet lotus flowers, His calves handsome, His knees two chests for the jewels of transcendental amorous pastimes, His body decorated with many ornaments and garments, and His neck graceful, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

13 His transcendental form loved by the people of Sri Vitthala-desa, nourished by the sweet nectar His pure devotees’ service and eclipsing the splendour of a host of passionate Kamadevas, Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

14 Appearing in this world, Sri Gopala-raja, His boldly hairs erect with joy, chanted the holy names of Lord Vitthalesvara and offered Him the jewel necklace of pure love and the many flowers of the activities of pure devotional service. Sri Gopala-raja is splendidly manifest on the king of mountains.

15 These verses are splendid with prayers to Sri Gopala-raja, who gloriously stands on the crown of the king of mountains. These verses bring pure love to the reader. A person who with great faith makes these prayers dance on the tip of his tongue at once attains the mercy that is the jewel of pure love for Sri Gopala-raja.

Sri Madana-gopala-stotra

Prayers to Sri Madana-Gopala

On the shore of the Yamuna in the Dvadasaditya forest filled with the humming bees in the middle of a courtyard of gold and jewels Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

2 Wearing a splendid new peacock-feather crown, charming necklaces, armlets, bracelets, rings and tinkling anklets, and His transcendental form dressed in fine garments, anointed with saffron, and decorated with jasmine flowers, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

3 Sweetly playing the flute He holds with both hands to His bimba fruit lips, His waist and knees bent, and His neck tilted, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

4 The sweetness of His smiles and words maddening Radha’s senses, and a single ray of the splendour of His face removing the blinding darkness of Her jealous anger and making useless the moon created by Brahma, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

5 His crooked sidelong glances frightening the autumn lotus flowers and churning the depths of the milk ocean of Radha’s heart with the churning rod of Mount Mandara, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

6 The dancing of the crooked vines of His eyebrows gaining for Him the kindness of all jewellike, saintly girls, and His tilaka decorated forehead destroying the bow of Kama, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

7 Maddened by the mystic mantra of coyly smiling Radha’s words, and His nose, more handsome than the beak of a handsome young parrot, an ocean of splendour where the fish of the glances of saintly girls play, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

8 Baiting with nectar the rope of the splendour of His teeth to capture the bumblebee of Radha’s heart as it lands on the blossoming bandhuka flower of His lips to smell its sweetness, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

9 Offering the honey of His splendid handsomeness in sacrifice to the bumblebees of the curling locks of hair on His forehead, and aiming the arrow of His sidelong glance at the bird of Radha’s peaceful composure as it flies up to see the sweetness of His ears, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

10 Assuming the role of a black bee drunk on the liquor of Radha’s fragrant and splendid lotus face and searching Her cheeks, which defeat the mirrors, for the bimba fruits of Her lips, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

11 The movements of His golden shark-shaped earrings making Radha forget all material duties, and His eyes meeting Her restless sidelong glance at His flute, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

12 Placing on His neck more glorious than the sapphire conchshell and splendidly decorated with three lines, the king of jewels in order to embrace Sri Radha reflected there, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

13 His lotus chest a great bed for exhausted Radha to sleep on, and His transcendental arms her excellent pillow, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

14 His abdomen a charming leaf King Kama has, for the pleasure of the gopis, inscribed with his own names in the form of the wonderful line of hairs rising from the navel, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

15 His glorious knees eclipsing a host of sapphires and His thighs the nectar posts established by Kamadeva to tightly bind the slowly-moving elephants of the young gopis’ hearts, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

16 His reddish lotus feet life for the senses of the intoxicated bumblebee Radha, whose only wish is to drink the new honey of love there, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

17 The graceful motions of His peerless, splendid limbs making the glory of the handsomeness of millions of Kamadevas wilt, and a small fraction of His bodily strength destroying the arrogance of the greatest wild lions, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

18 Like a splendid monsoon cloud, its shoulders and arms embraced by the lightning flashes of many amorous gopis as it moves along the Yamuna’s shore, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest/

19 Debating with the young gopis who studied the scriptures of Kamadeva Muni under the care of their teacher youth, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

20 His arrogant demands eclipsed by the splendour of Radha’s playful and delightful joking words, and His crooked, smiling glance pointed at Lalita’s sharply intelligent face, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

21 Happy to stay near Radha, a charming moon of love for His elder brother, never tiring of enjoying pastimes in the forest, and showering the nectar of love on the cakora birds of the people, Sri Madana-Gopala is splendidly manifest.

22 An intelligent person washed by the waters of humbleness, who abandons all love for material sense, which only leads to Yamaraja, and reads this prayer glorifying Sri Madana-Gopala, birth after birth attains pure love for His lotus feet.

Sri Visakhanandabhidha-stotra

Prayers with Names that are the Bliss of Visakha

1 May Sri Visakha who, because her nature, names, qualities, and features are like those of Sri Radha, is very dear to Lord Krsnacandra, be merciful to me.

2 All glories to beautiful Sri Radha, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana forest to Her the creator Brahma has given splendour, intelligence. Opulence, and eternal youth.

3 Her complexion is like pure gold. She is dressed in red garments. Her hair is carefully braided. She is charmingly anointed with kunkuma.

4 Her forehead decorated with musk tilaka is like a crescent moon on the second day. She wears two red-lotus-flower earrings.

5 Her transcendental form is decorated with colourful aromatic powders, who out of fear of the thief Krsna carefully ties the bodice around her jewel breasts.

6 She is decorated with necklaces, anklets, a peacock feather, a pearl on the tip of Her nose, finger-rings, and many other beautiful ornaments.

7 Her glistening dark lotus eyes shines with black mascara. Her beautiful lotus mouth is splendid and fragrant with betelnuts.

8 Her gently smiling lips are glistening ripe bimba fruits, the nectar of whose sweet words brings Her friends to life.

9 She expands the fame of Maharaja Vrsabhanu’s dynasty. She is a faithful worshipper of the sun-god. She is a valuable jewel taken from the mind known as Kirtida-devi. She is very beautiful. Her beauty defeats the goddess of fortune.

10 She is Ananga-manjari’s elder sister. She is Sridama’s younger sister. She brings great happiness to him. She is the granddaughter that is nectar for Mukhara’s eyes. She is Mukhara’s shelter.

11 Her life is a caged parrot set free by Paurnamasi. She is splendid with love for Subala.

12 Mother Yasoda loves Her as much as she loves Krsna. She is devoted to Mother Yasoda. Kirtida showers Her with maternal love. Her head is affectionately smelled by Rohini.

13 She is eternally devoted to the lotus feet of Maharaja Nanda. She is the object of love for Her father, Maharaja Vrsabhanu.

14 Considering Him to be Her spiritual master, She offers respectful obeisances to Balarama from far away. Considered by Him to be His sister-in-law, She is the shy object of Balarama’s love.

15 She is embraced by Lalita. She considers Lalita more dear than life. She is devoted to Lalita’s protection. She is submissive to Lalita’s wishes.

16 When Krsna did not come to the rendezvous in the forest cottage carefully decorated by Vrnda, She trembled in fear of Lalita’s reproaches.

17 She is delighted by Visakha’s playful friendship. She has given Her heart to Visakha. The moonlight of Her toenails is worshipped by the arati lamps of Visakha’s every breath.

18 The lotus bud of Her smile is the life of Her friends Her friends blossom with love for Her. She is the beloved of Lord Govinda.

19 Crowned the empress of Vrndavana forest, She shines with great splendour. Her face is the life of all the people in Vraja. Her teeth are very handsome.

20 She personally knows each vine, tree, animal, and bird in Vrndavana forest. Her heart is fragrant with love for them all.

21 From birth She has been naturally affectionate to all. Her name melts the hearts of the entire world. She is the protectress of the poor and unfortunate.

22 She follows many vows and performs many austerities to free Lord Krsnacandra from any disturbance and also to enjoy playful pastimes with Him.

23 She worships the spiritual masters, elders, cows, and brahmanas. She humbly bows down before them. She is worshipped by the good fortune and virtues obtained by hundreds of their benedictions.

24 She was blessed by Durvasa that food cooked by Her would bring long life, many cows, handsomeness, and fame to the person who eats it. On the order of Queen Yasoda, She was brought by Kundalata (to cook at Nanda’s house).

25 She is prepared to give many millions of lifetimes to protect a single particle of dust at Lord Krsna’s feet. The nectar of Her conversation is the life and soul of Lord Govinda, the life of Vraja.

26 Every day She happily bathes in Radha-kunda, the lake of honey sprung from the lotus flower of Lord Krsna’s feet.

27 In a jeweled pavilion on the shore of Her lake She jokes with dear and playful friends day and night.

28 She is the treasure hidden in a cave of Govardhana Hill. She enjoys transcendental pastimes on Govardhana Hill. She is deeply in love with the lifter of Govardhana Hill. She is the beloved of the lifter of Govardhana Hill.

29 She is known as Gandharva because She was formerly a wonderful Gandharva girl. She is known as Radha because the worship (radha) of Her removes all distress. She is known as Candrakanti because She is like a candrakanti (cakora) bird that gazes at the moon of Lord Krsna from the corner of Her restless eyes. She is known as Bandhuradhika because She worships (radhika) Her friend (bandhu) Krsna.

30 She is known as Gandharvika because Her bodily fragrance (gandha) makes Gokula fragrant. The people of Gokula address Her by these five names.

31 She has a fair complexion. Her eyes are the eyes of a doe. She is cheerful and happy. She is fond of Her pet doe Rangini. She smiles to hear the sound of Krsna’s pet deer Suranga, approaching when he hears the sound of Rangini.

32 She wishes to visit Nandisvara. She longs to see her lover, Sri Krsna. Her heart is intoxicated by drinking the new nectar of love for Him.

33 Seeing Lord Govinda suddenly overwhelmed with passion, She spoke with Him, sometimes crying, sometimes trembling, and sometimes biting Her lip in anger.

34 She smiles to see Lord Govinda’s handsome face. On the pretext of being attracted to His flower garland, She touches His shoulder.

35 Blinded by ecstatic love, and not seeing Govinda standing before Her, She gazed at the picture of Him She drew on a leaf.

36 Playfully contemptuous of the pleading Krsna, proud Radha turned from Him, and deceitfully concealing Her actual wishes, fixed Her wide-open eyes on the blank wall of the cave in the king of mountains.

37 When She saw Lord Madhava with His arm around Subala’s shoulder, She became envious, outwardly smiled approvingly, and later tried to punish Krsna by striking His effigy tamala tree with a blossoming lotus flower.

38 She kissed Lord Madhava and at the same moment playfully smelled both His toy lotus and the musk anointing His forehead.

39 The love of the gopis for Krsna is full of transcendental ecstasy. It appears to be a brilliant jewel, and enlightened by such a transcendental jewel, Radha’s body is further perfumed and decorated with kunkuma.*

40 In the morning Her body is bathed in the nectar of compassion, in the afternoon in the nectar of youth, and in the evening in the nectar of luster itself. In this way the bathing is performed and Her body becomes as brilliant as the cintamani jewel. She eclipses the goddess of fortune Laksmidevi.*

41 Her dress is composed of various kinds of silken garments, which may be compared to Her natural shyness. Her beauty is more and more enhanced, being decorated with kunkuma, which is compared to beauty itself, and with blackish musk, which is compared to conjugal love. Thus Her body is decorated with different colours. The kunkuma is red and the musk is black.*

42-3 Her ornaments embody the natural symptoms of ecstasy: trembling, tears, jubilation, stunning, perspiration, faltering of the voice, bodily redness, madness, and dullness. In this way the entire body is bedecked with these nine different jewels. Over and above this, the beauty of Her body is enhanced by Her transcendental qualities, which hang as a flower garland on Her body. The ecstasy of love for Krsna is known as dhira and adhira, sober and restless. Such ecstasy constitutes the covering of Sri Radha’s body, and it is adorned by camphor.*

44 Her transcendental anger toward Krsna is embodied as the arrangement of the hair on Her head, and the tilaka of Her great fortune shines on Her beautiful forehead. The earrings of Sri Radha are the holy names of Krsna, as well as the hearing of His name and fame.*

45 Her lips are always reddish due to the betelnut of ecstatic affection for Krsna. The black ointment around Her eyes is Her tricky behaviour with Krsna brought about by love. Her joking with Krsna and gentle smiling is the camphor with which She is perfumed.*

46 She sleeps in Her room with the aroma of pride, and when She lies down in Her bed, the transcendental variety of Her loving ecstasies is like a jeweled locket in the midst of Her necklace of separation.*

47 Her transcendental breasts are covered by Her sari in the form of affection and anger toward Krsna. She has a stringed instrument known as a kacchapi-vina, which is the fame and fortune that actually dries up the faces and breasts of the other gopis.*

48 She always keeps Her hands on the shoulder of Her gopi friend, who is compared to Her youthful beauty, and although She is highly qualified with so many spiritual assets, She is nonetheless affected by the Cupid known as Krsna. Thus She is defeated.*

49 She is a crown of flowers decorating the heads of all fortunate girls. Her transcendental glories are the earrings worn by the spiritual and material worlds.

50 She is a nectar ocean of intelligence, a nectar city of beauty, a nectar vine of sweetness, a treasure-chest of the jewels of transcendental virtue.

51 The daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu is the sunshine on the rajiva lotus of Lord Govinda’s amorous desires, and then again She is the nectar moonlight that makes the kumuda lotus of Lord Krsna’s heart blossom with happiness.

52 She is the Manasa-sarivara lake where the swan of Lord Krsna’s heart swims, and She is the fresh rainwater that sustains the life of the cataka bird known as Lord Krsna.

53 She is the nectar ointment decorating the eyes of Lord Krsna. She is the pleasant spring breeze that pleases the transcendental body of Lord Krsna fatigued by enjoying many pastimes.

54 She is the shoreless lake where the maddened elephant of Lord Mukunda sports. She is an ocean of bliss where the great fish of Lord Krsna’s life-breath enjoys pastimes.

55 She is the fresh mango blossom that attracts the black bee known as Giridhari. On Mandara Mountain She is the garden that delights the cuckoo known as Sri Krsna.

56 She is the wonderful cuckoo playing in the beautiful garden of Lord Krsna’s pastimes. The music of Her voice attracts the deer of hero Krsna’s gentle heart.

57 By using the mystic power of Her intense love for Lord Krsna She has brought Him completely under Her control. Submissive to Lord Madhava, She is known as Madhava’s lover and the beloved of Lord Madhava.

58 She is a splendid vine of golden yuthi flowers embracing the handsome tamala tree of Lord Krsna. She is a wonderful stationary lightning flash at the new monsoon cloud of Lord Krsna.

59 In the hot summer She is camphor, sandal paste, and moonlight cooling the limbs of Lord Govinda. In the winter She is the glittering yellow silk garment on the handsome limbs of Lord Syamasundara.

60 In spring She is the charming beauty that makes the tree of Lord Krsna blossom with happiness. In the monsoon She is the beauty of the graceful melody mallara, which delights Lord Syamasundara.

61 In the autumn season She becomes the beauty of the rasa dance as She and Her friends enjoy pastimes with the rasa dance’s king.

62 In the winter She whose beauty defeats even the goddess of fortune tries to defeat restless prince Krsna in Their amorous battle.

63-4 Comparing Her to all that is most wonderfully beautiful, Lord Brahma praises Her at every moment and worships the splendour of Her toenails, the beauty of which Gauri and Sri yearn to attain.

65 The host of autumn lotus flowers, moons, and jewel mirrors worships a tiny fragment of the splendid beauty of Her lotus face.

66 She is filled with the ecstasies of sthayi-bhava, sancari-bhavaa, suddipta-bhava, sattvika-bhava, anubhava, andvibhava. She is the personification of transcendental nectar.

67 The continuous tumult of the dundubhi drums of Her good fortune frightens all Her gopi rivals.

68 The beauty of Her face makes the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gopi rivals tremble in fear. Lord Krsna is under Her dominion. She is listless with love for Him.

69 Aroused by the restless sidelong glances of Lord Krsna, whose charming handsomeness defeats millions of Kamadevas, She has now completely forgotten all the vows of a chaste wife.

70 The two-syllable krsna-mantra has cast its spell on Her. The aroma of Krsna’s body maddens Her with amorous desires.

71 Firing many arrows of sidelong glances from the formidable curved Cupid’s bow of Her eyebrows, She agitates Lord Madhava.

72 Carried by the wind, the fragrance of Her transcendental body is a powerful aphrodisiac that maddens the all-enchanting and infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead.

73 By chance entering the pathway of his ears, the cooling breeze of Radha’s name steals Krsna’s heart, makes Him tremble with cold, and makes the hairs of His body stand erect with excitement.

74 The tongue of Lord Krsna’s glistening eyes drinks the nectar of the beauty of Her face. She is a swiftly moving nectar mountain stream that removes from Lord Krsna the desire to enjoy anything else.

75 With the nectar happiness She brought Him in the rasa dance She brought Krsna under Her complete control. Her songs more sweet than the cuckoo made Lord Krsna blossom with happiness.

76 She is a shark playing in the nectar ocean of Lord Krsna’s pastimes. By speaking playful joking words She arouses the amorous desires of Lord Krsna.

77 Her walking is the graceful movement of a maddened elephant. Her breasts, fragrant with musk, are two waterpots. Her waist is the waist of a powerful lion. The three folds of skin on Her abdomen are three impenetrable ramparts.

78 The line of hairs on Her abdomen is the snake-noose of Varuna. Her hips are a great chariot. Her teeth are powerful feudal barons. Her toes are infantry soldiers.

79 Her feet are two generals. Her thighs are two jeweled victory columns. Standing erect, the hairs of Her body are a great suit of armour. Her arms are two great ropes.

80 Her eyebrows are two formidable bows. Her glances are sharpened arrows. Her forehead is a glittering half-moon arrow. Her nails are spears.

81 Her face is a moon-shaped golden shield. The splendour of Her hands is a sword. Her fingernails are crescent-shaped arrows. Her cheeks are golden mirrors.

82 Her braids are bitter with anger. Her ears are two beautiful bowstrings. The powerful redness of Her bandhuka flower lips makes Lord Krsna’s lips tremble.

83 The tinkling of Her bracelets, anklets, and bells is a tumult of dundubhis and other drums. Her chin is glorious and beautiful. Her neck is conchshell proclaiming victory.

84 Her embrace is a brahmastra weapon. Her bodily fragrance is a powerful aphrodisiac. Her words are a magic spell that enchants the body and mind of Lord Krsna.

85 Her navel is a treasury of precious jewels. Her nose is beautiful. Her gentle smile casts a spell on the infallible Personality of Godhead and brings Him under Her control.

86 Her curling locks of hair are a dangerous bhrnga weapon. She is splendid in amorous battle. Her braided hair is a victory flag.

87 "O Radhika, You and Your generals headed by Lalita possess all weapons for amorous battle that are very difficult for others to obtain.

88 "Intoxicated by pride, you disrespect Me, even though I am well known in Vraja as Kama’s tax-collector.

89-92 "I shall now collect the proper taxes from you all. You must immediately give me the red sindura decorating your parted hair, your splendid necklaces and bracelets, the pearls decorating your noses, your bodices and other garments, your peacock feather ornaments, your rings, the black mascara decorating your eyes, your earrings and all the millions of other conjugal weapons you carry. You must also give many jugs of yogurt and the other priceless dairy-products of Vraja. If you are foolish you may ignore My demands, avoid this tax, and continue to enjoy pastimes in this place. If this is your decision, then you must fight with Me. Since I am alone and there are a hundred of you, you should approach Me one-by-one, and I will fight each of you in single combat.

93 "First the ferocious Lalita will fight with Me. Then You will fight with Me. Then all You warlike friends, one after another will fight with Me.

94 "If together you foolishly wish to fight with Me, then all of you rush at Me, and with My arms I will pound you all into dust in a moment."

95 Hearing Lord Krsna’s arrogant joking words in the company of her friends, Sri Radha became jubilant and Her heart became overpowered with amorous passion.

96 Smiling, She stunned Krsna with the arrows of many sidelong glances and aroused His desire to enjoy amorous pastimes. As She walked as gracefully as a swan, smiling Krsna approached Her and clutched the edge of Her garment.

97 She continued walking. He playfully tugged at the edge of Her garment. She rebuked Him with charming words. He blocked Her path. She stared at Him with angry eyes.

98 She entered a boat to cross the Manasa-ganga. When the boat violently rocked to and fro She became afraid and prayed to the boatsman Krsna.

99 Defeating the undefeatable Supreme Personality of Godhead as They both played in the waters of Her lake, She smiled and spoke many crooked joking words to make Her smiling friends laugh out loud.

100 In a cottage decorated with mango buds dripping honey She sat on the pastime-couch and Lord Mukunda decorated Her with jasmine flowers.

101 As Krsna decorated Her braided hair with many different flowers, jewels, peacock feathers, gunja, and other ornaments. Her desire to enjoy with Him became aroused and the hairs of Her body stood erect with excitement.

102 In a beautiful forest grove Lord Mukunda painted pictures on Her breasts. By moving Her breasts She made His hand tremble. She was intoxicated by the honey of Their intimate friendship.

103 When in Their pastimes Lord Krsna offered Her betelnuts He had chewed, out of contrariness She rejected His offer, imagining the betelnuts to be defective.

104 When She won the flute in the dice-game, Krsna tried to carefully conceal it from Her. Finding it, She laughed and broke it to pieces, cheered on by Her smiling friends.

105 She smiled when Visakha defeated Krsna in the duel of veiled joking words. She is the best teacher of the science of joking. Her eloquence defeats goddess Sarasvati.

106 When Lord Madhava described Their confidential pastimes to Visakha, Radha knitted Her eyebrows and playfully struck Him twice with a lotus flower.

107 When, speaking with a glance, a gopi-messenger revealed to Lalita and the other gopis the signs of Radha’s having enjoyed with Krsna, smiling Radha angrily rebuked her.

108 Sometimes, driven by the anger of love, She covers all smiles and refuses to speak to Krsna. Sometimes, afraid of Kama’s arrows, She crookedly embraces smiling Lord Hari.

109 Angered by Her playful tricks, Krsna refused to speak to Her. Tormented, She suddenly embraced Him She respectfully worshipped the smiling Lord Krsna.

110 Pushed by jealous anger, Radha and Krsna refused to speak to each other. Seeing Her friend Kamadeva force Krsna to speak to Her, Radha smiled and spoke to Him.

111 Hearing from the mouth of a cruel friend that Mukunda had met Candravali on the path and enjoyed with Her, Radha became filled with jealous anger.

112 Krsna placed the red lac from Radha’s soles on His head and begged Her forgiveness with hundreds of plaintive speeches. She looked at Him, Her slightly moving eyes filled with tears.

113 Sometimes, accompanied by Her friends on the bank of the Yamuna, She enjoys pastimes of picking flowers with Lord Mukunda.

114 Agitated with loving anger, She suddenly left these flower-pastimes. Krsna immediately followed Her, smiling, and tugging at the edge of Her sari.

115 Exhausted from enjoying many pastimes, Krsna places His head on Lalita’s lap. With great love Radha personally fans Her lover with a red cloth.

116 Decorated by Lord Hari, She moves to and fro on the swing of flowers, lovingly pushed by Her jubilant, sweetly singing, dear friends.

117 In a forest courtyard by a lake Radha played the vina as Her friends sweetly sang. Pleased by Her musical skill, Krsna suddenly kissed the embarrassed Radha.

118 Smiling, Radha places in Lord Govinda’s lotus mouth betelnuts aromatic with the camphor of Their joking words.

119 In a cave of Govardhana Hill, as Lalita fans Her with the edge of her sari, tired Radha sleeps on Lord Govinda’s chest.

120 As smiling Radha charms Madhava with Her unprecedented musical skill, smiling Visakha steals His garland and flute.

121 The sound of Radha’s vina makes Krsna tremble and the flute slips from His hand. The tinkling of Her bracelets and ornaments makes Him forget His own body and the path that leads to His home.

122 Krsna’s flute has swallowed up Radha’s concern for Her noble household duties and the good reputation of Her family. Because of Krsna’s buffalo-horn bugle She offers for them a funeral oblation of three palmsfull of sesame seeds and water.

123 Radha feeds Krsna the most sweet and fragrant nectar of Her lips. It is Her sweetness that creates the nectar of Krsna’s lotus feet.

124 Lord Madhava is famous in the three worlds because His name is connected to the name of Radha. Sri Radha is famous in the world because Her name is connected to the name of Lord Madhava.

125 Just as the sweet fragrance of musk perfume is not different from the substance musk, just as moonlight is not different from the moon, and just as the beautiful blossoms of a tree are not different from the tree, in the same way Sri Radha is not different from Lord Krsna.

126 Lord Krsna, wishing to associate with Sri Radha, approached Her as if He were a passionate deer, and She responded by assuming the role of an amorous doe. Krsna began His amorous dance, and She delighted Him by gracefully responding.

127-30 Many fortunate persons, their hearts melting with devotional love and yearning to taste the nectar of Her service, glorify Sri Radha by reciting these verses filled with Her holy names and transcendental pastimes, which are like many showers of nectar. Bowing down, this sinful, cruel, unhappy criminal, who considers Her lotus feet the only goal of his life, loudly weeping, begs: "May the queen of Vrndavana be merciful. May She accept me as one of Her associates and engage me in Her direct service."

131 I worship lotus-eyed Radha. I meditate on sweetly-smiling Radha. I glorify supremely merciful Radha. She is the only goal of my life. I have no other goal.

132 A person who, thinking himself the lowest and most fallen of persons, regularly reads this prayer, which is filled with the holy names and pastimes of Sri Radha, and which bears the name Visakhanandada (Prayers That Delight Visakha) will live eternally in the abode of Vraja.

133 To that reader Lord Krsna grants love for Sri Sri Radha-Krsna. That reader Lord Krsna engages in the direct service of His beloved.

134 A certain servant of the dust of Srila Rupa Gosvami’s lotus feet has strung this garland of verses glorifying Sri Radha’s lotus feet. They who have taken shelter of Srila Rupa Gosvami will be able to appreciate the sweet fragrance of this garland of verses.

Sri Mukundastaka

Eight Prayers Glorifying Lord Mukunda

1 May Lord Mukunda, who with the saffron splendour of His handsome form, which crushes the luster of sapphires, expands the glory of the king of passionate desire in the kingdom of Sri Radha’s transcendental body, grant the perfection my eyes desire.

2 May Lord Mukunda, whose face eclipses the splendour of millions of rising moons, who is handsome in childhood and youth, and who with the luster of His earrings awakens the amorous desires of Lalita’s friend Radha in the gopi assembly, grant the perfection of my eyes desire.

3 May Lord Mukunda, who places on His hips a yellow garment that rebukes the splendour of a great mass of gold, and who places above that a red garment, as if red were His beloved’s favourite colour, grant the perfection my eyes desire.

4 May Lord Mukunda, who on a summer evening arouses the playfulness of Radha and Her friends by making amorous splashes in her favourite pond now fragrant with many flowers, grant the perfection my eyes desire.

5 May Lord Mukunda, who, attaining the fragrance of Sri Radha, becomes immediately intoxicated, the hairs of His body standing erect, and His nose smelling all fragrant forests, grant the perfection of my eyes desire.

6 May Lord Mukunda, who, His arm on Her shoulder, arouses the amorous happiness of Kirtida’s beautiful daughter by kissing Her cheek blossoming with a smile, grant the perfection of my eyes desire.

7 May Lord Mukunda, who is the fire of devastation for the wild demons, who is the personification of filial love for His parents, and who is the dark-complexioned deity of conjugal love for Sri Radha, grant the perfection of my eyes desire.

8 May Lord Mukunda, who, with the description of His own misery has won gentle Visakha to His side, and who, with many sweet words begs arrogant Lalita to help break the jealous anger of love-anguished Radha, grant the perfection of my eyes desire.

9 The young prince of Vraja reveals Himself to a person who, carefully keeping his senses from the touch of all kinds of material sense pleasures, with a voice choked with emotion reads these eight verses glorifying Lord Mukunda. He counts that reader among the associates of His beloved Radha.

Sri Utkantha-dasaka

Ten Longings

1 When will I serve Sri Radha, whose complexion eclipses the splendour of gold, who is a smiling, beautiful young girl, who is gloriously dressed in red silk garments, whose splendid, moving braids are decorated with peacock feathers, and who happily catches a glimpse of Lord Mukunda from the corner of Her eye?

2 Attracted by the splendid fragrance of Radha’s beautiful transcendental form, the bumblebee Govinda at once gave up happily drinking the honey of the gopis’ lotus lips and madly flew to Sri Radha, the beautiful kalpa vine of Vrndavana forest. When will I serve Sri Radha?

3 In a forest cottage by the shore of a beautiful lake, reclining on a couch of charming, delicate jasmine petals, and again and again defeating proud Madhava in the dice game, Radha smiles, and with a festival of many sidelong glances causes her friends to laugh. When will I serve Sri Radha?

4 When will I serve Sri Radha who, surrounded by Her friends, filled with the nectar of love, and manifesting the eight sattvika ecstasies, sweetly sings to the accompaniment of vines, flutes, mrdangas, and the tinkling of anklets and other ornaments, and gracefully dances in the rasa lila with the moon that is Lord Krsna.

5 When will I serve Sri Radha, who in the middle of the forest enjoyed pastimes of ferocious amorous battle with passionate Krsna, striking Him as He scratched the great mountains of Her breasts and her friends offered prayers and blessings from far away?

6 When will I serve Sri Radha, who replied with glittering cakora eyes, arrogant eyebrows, and an angry flood of crooked words when Krsna and His friends, pretending to demand payment of a toll, forcibly stopped Her and Her friends on the path near Govardhana Hill.

7 When will I serve Sri Radha? Traveling across the Manasa-ganga on a boat with Lord Krsna whose heart yearned to enjoy pastimes on the other shore, She cheerfully ripped open Her bodice when Krsna tricked Her by saying, "This old boat of Mine is about to sink."

8 When will I serve Sri Radha? In Her favourite lake on a warm summer evening that made Her yearn to enjoy water-pastimes, She and her playful friends jubilantly sprinkle the expert water-sportsman Lord Govinda with water from Their jala-yantras.

9 When will I serve Sri Radha? She is drowned with tears of joy and her bodily hairs stand erect, as with many fragrant spring flowers Lord Krsna, trembling and the hairs of His body erect in excitement, decorates Her limbs one by one.

10 When will I serve Sri Radha, who is dearer to Lord Krsna than His own life, who considers the dust of Lord Krsna’s feet millions of times more dear than Her own life, who is supremely fortunate, whose fame shines in the three worlds, and who is the jewel crown of Lord Krsna’s gopi beloveds?

11 An intelligent person who glorifies the great queen of Vrndavana by reciting this prayer of ten longings (Utkantha-dasaka) with a sweet voice causes Lord Krsna to taste the transcendental qualities of Sri Radha, who is as dear to Him as His own life. Filled with festive happiness, Lord Krsna gives that reciter a supremely priceless jewel.

Sri Nava-yuva-dvandva-didrksastaka

Eight Longings to See The Youthful Divine Couple

1 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples glistening as two splendid lotuses filled with sweetness, Their transcendental limbs eclipsing the fragrance of fresh musk, and Their hearts overwhelmed with the intoxication of love for each other.

2 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples enjoying many pastimes together, the splendour of Their transcendental forms eclipsing the glittering garlands of new monsoon clouds and the ketaki flowers of the golden mountains.

3 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples delighted by newer and newer feelings of love, and the tips of Their nails washed by the waves of sweetness of millions of peerlessly beautiful fair-complexioned girls and handsome Kamadevas.

4 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples, who yearn to hear the other’s sweet words, and who, the moons of Their faces bowed with shyness, gaze at each other with fleeting, dancing glances from eyes restless with passion.

5 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples. As Their affectionate friends look on, with faces blossoming with shyness They happily glance at each other’s transcendental bodies, in this way beginning the first skirmish of the great battle of Kama.

6 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples, who are the acaryas of transcendental amorous battle, whose feet the saintly young gopis aspire to serve, who are expert at relishing the happiness of amorous battle, who are a single life, and who are each other’s decoration.

7 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples. Exhausted by enjoying many pastimes in the water, They rest in a charming forest by the shore of a beautiful lake. Their affectionate friends bring madhu nectar. They make each other drink. They make Their friends drink.

8 I yearn to see in the land of Vraja the jewel of youthful couples. Bound by the rope of love that Kamadeva has secured with many tight knots, They are completely under each other’s dominion. They are famous in the world as Sri Sri Radha-Madhava.

9 A person who very carefully and humbly reads these eight verses describing the yearning to see the youthful divine couple and filled with the sweetness of transcendental love, will be able with his own eyes to serve the peerless, supremely handsome and charming divine couple.

Sri Abhista-prarthanastaka

Eight Requests

1 Even though her eyes were filled with tears as she caressed her playful son, and even though Rohini largely blocked her view, Mother Yasoda carefully noted the entrance of Sri Radha. When will I humbly offer betelnuts to Visakha’s friend, Sri Radha?

2 When, again and again taking jewels from the box and placing them in Sri Radha’s hand as in Her home She and Her friends make necklaces for Lord Hari, will the vine of my hand bear fruit?

3 When will Sri Radha, my queen happily playing with the cuckoos, bees, and other citizens in Her pastime-kingdom of Vraja’s forest, fill me with transcendental bliss?

4 Stringing flower garlands with three of four friends by the Yamuna’s shore, Radha bends down. Hiding Krsna suddenly approaches and earnestly tries to embrace Her. She resists, knitting Her eyebrows. When will I fan Sri Radha as She enjoys these pastimes?

5 In the splendid rasa dance arena on the sandy shore Lord Hari became a blue-lotus testing stone to test the value of a host of golden-complexioned girls intoxicated with pride. When will Sri Radha, the greatest treasure among them, delight us all?

6 When will this person draw a picture of Radha’s beloved Krsna? When will this person give the picture to the flowering vine that is Visakha’s dear friend Radha as She sits with Her friends on thrones of flowers deep in beautiful Bhandiravana forest? When will this person show that picture to Krsna?

7 When in a solitary place at the top of a mountain will She point out the various cottages of flowering vines and recount the pastimes She enjoyed there? When, filled with happiness, embarrassment, will She eagerly ask me a question in stuttering words?

8 This lake is my eternal home. It is everything for Radha’s friends. It is filled with the glory of Radha’s love for Krsna. Krsna loves it as much as He loves Radha. I pray that at this lake Lalita’s friend Radha may eternally enjoy pastimes before my eyes.

Sri Dana-nirvartana-kundastaka

Eight Prayers Glorifying Sri Dana-nirvartana-kunda

1 At the base of Their favourite hill, the youthful divine couple pretended to quarrel over Krsna’s claim to collect a toll of yogurt and milk-products. The arrogant joking words of Radha’s friends made the divine couple blossom with happiness. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, the witness of this dana-keli pastime.

2 Because Sri Krsna enjoyed the dana-keli pastime in a secluded place by the shore of this lake, it has become known as Dana-sarovara. The truth of this lake remains hidden to persons averse to the mellows of pure devotional service. Only the devotees have the power to understand it. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

3 It is beautiful with the graceful pastimes of many birds. It is cool, fragrant with many charming lotuses, and filled with the sounds of swarms of bees intoxicated by the aroma of fresh honey. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

4 It is filled with cool water fragrant with many flowers. It blossoms with good fortune attained from the peerless water-pastimes of the youthful divine couple and Their sweet friends. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

5 It is filled with the fragrance of newly-blossomed flowers. Everyone there is pleased by the singing of the birds and bees. It is surrounded by groves of splendid trees. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

6 Accompanied by Their affectionate young friends, the divine couple enters the nearby forest groves filled with newly blossoming flowers and humming bees and enjoys incomparable ever-fresh pastimes there. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

7 By deeply drinking its water, birds, animals, cows and humans become at once filled with a host of transcendental virtues. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

8 Every day, as He converses with His friends, the moon of the gopas makes the surabhi cows drink its sweet, aromatic, and cold water, and when they have finished, He Himself drinks. I pray that I may reside at Dana-sarovara, where the divine couple enjoy the dana-keli pastime.

9 An intelligent and self-controlled person who reads these eight verses glorifying the Dana-sarovara lake will enter the eternal spiritual world and directly see the dana pastimes of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.

Sri Prarthanasraya-caturdasaka

Fourteen Prayers for Shelter

1 Look! During the Dipavali festival Krsna’s mother worships Govardhana Hill, the splendid gopis happily sing, and Krsna, His graceful hand artistically decorated with turmeric, calls the cows with a voice like thunder and makes them jump and play.

2 With the cows in front and Queen Yasoda and the gopis in the rear, the vrajajanas, headed by the Vraja king, circumambulate the hill. O friend, look! Krsna, the moon of Vraja also circumambulates, joking with His friends, and on various pretexts glancing at Sri Radha.

3 If the youthful divine couple, who are as fragrant as beautiful sumanah flowers and the life of the entire world, will not sprinkle me with the nectar of Their mercy, then, O my friend, I ask that you be merciful to me. Bless me that I may live my entire life at this sacred Radha-kunda.

4 How many sufferings do I endure by not seeing Rupa, Sanatana, Sri Gaurangacandra, Lalita, Visakha, and Sri Sri Radha-Mukunda, whose transcendental limbs are made of the nectar pastimes of charming joking words? O forehead, I think you will break apart in this pain.

5 As the sun with its shining makes the lotus flowers in the river blossom with splendour, Lord Krsna with the waves of many sidelong glances makes Radha smile in the jubilant festive assembly hosted by the King of Vraja at Nandisvara.

6 Like a very thirsty cakora bird gazing at a nectar cloud in the sky, near the hill hiding Radha places Her restless eyes on the smiling circle of Lord Giridhari’s face.

7 Will I assist Lord Krsna as He decorates Sri Radha whose beauty defeats Rati, Gauri, Prthvi, Laksmi, Satyabhama, Candravali, and all the beautiful women of Vrajapura?

8 Lord Giridhari, the hairs of His body erect in ecstasy, desires to paint pictures on Sri Radha’s full breasts, which are more beautiful than a pair of beautiful curved waterpots. When will I be allowed to place the aromatic pigments in His hand?

9 "Who is this goddess, the vine of Her arm resting on Krsna’s shoulder and the hairs of Her body upright in ecstasy as She gazes at the beauty of this forest near a hill?

"Beautiful friend, know that this girl trembling in a flood of spiritual love is Sri Radhika. Who else could it be?"

10 He was my life and soul. Again and again he kindly splashed me with the fragrant waters of shoreless ocean of limitless love. Now misfortune forces me to become swallowed by the forest fires of material calamities. I have no shelter. Except for him, of whom I can take shelter?

Note: In this and the following verses Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami speaks of Srila Rupa Gosvami.

11 Now that I no longer have the sustainer of my life, the land of Vraja has become empty and desolate, Govardhana Hill has become like a great python, and Radha-kunda has become like the gaping mouth of a ferocious tiger.

12 It is not the fault of my body that it does not immediately fall down and die. By deep logical analysis I have concluded that the creator Brahma must have constructed my body from the strongest thunderbolts. How else could it be able to bear the weight of all this pain?

13 Chanting the glories of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, with love remembering Their charming lotus feet, and eating the fruit and yogurt of Vraja, may I eternally live in the forest at the base of the best of hills by the beautiful lake that belongs to the queen of Vrndavana.

14 o Lord, please allow me to pass my day living on yogurt and buttermilk under the king of hills. Permit me again and again to call out, "O Radha! O Radha! O Krsna!"


Revelation of Desires

1 I pray that the wild horse of my heart may become like the cintamani-jewel horse Srila Rupa Gosvami, which carries as its rider the desire to serve the gopa-prince’s beloved.

2 Because of Srila Rupa Gosvami’s efforts my heart is now peaceful, controlled, able to know the nature of spirit, fixed in yoga, and attached to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Now that I have attained Srila Rupa Gosvami’s smiling, nectarean, compassionate glance, my heart has become wild by remembering the transcendental pastimes of Lord Hari.

3 O does playing in the forest, you are all very fortunate because with your eyes you always drink the nectar of Lord Krsna’s face. As for myself, I am simply an unlucky dog wandering in Vraja trying to filly my belly. I never see Lord Krsna for even a moment.

4 O friend, when you serve Vraja’s king and queen, who many times have met in my heart, please give the remnants of Their betelnuts to me.

5 O friend, I see you serving Sri Radha who, languid from many passionate amorous pastimes, and Her cheeks wet with perspiration, rests on the couch of Lord Krsna’s chest.

6 May the splendid moon of Lord Krsna, which tirelessly dispels the great darkness of the demons, showers the nectar of pure love on the devotees, cools the white lotus of Sri Radha, and makes the flowers of Her breasts blossom with happiness, protect us.

7 At what very auspicious time will I directly see Sri Sri Radha-Krsna enjoying the sweet rasa dance, arguing over some yogurt at the base of a hill, and playing with Their friends in waves of joking words pushed by breezes of amorous desire?

8 May Krsna, the leader of the cowherd boys who, as He walks on the path with His friends and surabhi cows, with happiness and concern offers hundreds of blessings to Rohini-devi and the other devotees, and who, as the concerned queen of Vraja tearfully glances at His friends and at the lionlike Balarama, is gazed at with love and pride by the people of Vraja and with words of praise by Radha and His other gopi beloved’s, protect us.

9 "Friend, who is this girl We have never seen before?"

"She is a vraja-gopi?"

From where has she come? Why has she come?"

She has come from Mathura-pura to worship You."

When She heard the playful words "Now You may enjoy with the incomparable Lord Hari" Radha understood that the girl was Krsna in disguise and at once burst into a smile.

10 O tongue tortured by thirst, please mix the delicious nectar of the name Radha with the wonderfully sweet condensed milk of the name Krsna, add the fragrant ice of pure love and drink this charming drink at every moment!

11 O moon of Lord Caitanya, please make the lotus of my heart bloom! Please make that lotus beautiful with swarms of dancing bumblebees of meditation upon You! Please shake away the dense darkness of my offenses! O kind Lord, please make sinful me drink the nectar of Your feet!

12 I pray that I may fan the two young dancers of Vraja who have become fatigued by happily dancing in Cupid’s arena in an incomparable forest grove filled with the instrumental music of the expert cuckoos and the humming songs of the bees.

13 On the strength of the service I have done to the pollen of his lotus feet, I am able to always reside, even in times of trouble, by the shore of Radha-kunda at the base of Govardhana Hill. Protected by his friends, I chant and hear Sri Sri Radha-Mukunda’s holy names, which defeat the sweetest nectar. I pray that Srila Rupa Gosvami may always protect me.