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Kartals (Mazira)

Come in a wide range of sizes and qualities. Sized from 2" to 5". Brass and Bell Metal.

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Kartal Cases

Handy carrying case wraps your kartals in a protective layer of padded fabric. Eliminates scratching, and makes your kartals easy to identify among others! Case features two inside pockets, so kartals don't clang together. Velcro closure. India fabrics, designs vary. Your choice of colors in blue, green, saffron, red, gold or purple.


Small Case
Kartals to 3"

Medium Case
Kartals 3.5"-5"

Large Case
Kartals to 6"

Wood Kartals

Hand-held wooden kartals. Case made of Sheesham wood, with brass kartals, metal lining. Wood may be light or dark.


Grabha Jhanj (Whompers)

Grabha Jhanj Indian hand cymbals. Brass with etched enamel. Superb sound quality. 6" diameter.


India Bronze Gong

Heavy, solid professional instrument. Clear bell-like tone. 12" diameter.


Burmese Gong

Amazing sound, great volume, clear tone. Made in Thailand.

    8" Diameter
    13" Diameter