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Classic Bengali Mrdanga (Khol)

Traditional East Indian Mrdanga made of terracotta (clay). Listen to Mrdanga audio clip.
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South India Mrdanga

Traditional South Indian Mrdanga (mridangham). Full size, made of wood, best skins and strap.
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Dholak - Wood

Traditional Wood Dholak. Full size, best skins. Nut and bolt fittings, highest quality.
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Dholak - Fiberglass

Top Quality Fiberglass Dholak. Full size, best skins, excellent lightweight construction.
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Professional Tabla

First class Professional Tabla. Deluxe quality with heavy Sheesham wood and large and heavy brass engraved Doogi. Fitted with deluxe skins, special straps with cotton pads, nickeled tuning hammer, ring set and an excellent quality zipper bag.
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