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Silver Jhoola with Ladoo Gopal

This super-excellent Jhoola (swing) comes with hand-piercing work. Ladoo Gopal is sitting on the singhasan. Bells hang from the top, and details are precisely executed. Comes with high polish platinum layered, tarnish-proof finish. Includes wooden pedestal, and packed in a fine velvet box. A beautiful altar item. Sterling Silver quality. Weight: 70 gms., Height 6", Length 5.2" and Width 1.3". Delivery time: immediate.

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Silver Jhoola (Swing)

Beautiful Jhoola is handcrafted in antique finish with fine embossing work. An exceptional altar piece. Silver quality 70/80%. Weight: 788 gms., Height 8", Length 12.5". Delivery time: 4 weeks.

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