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Beautifully upholstered, handmade Vyasasana are custom made to fit your Deity or murti personality. Each vyasasana is handcrafted using the finest materials, including top quality tapestry and upholstery fabrics. Constructed using boards, foamcore and cotton batting, vyasasana are well balanced and very sturdy, and will support the weight of brass or marble murti according to their dimensions.

Vyasasana are completely customizable. You may choose from the fabrics offered below, or provide your own fabric. If you'd prefer a fabric that's currently on the market, send us the details and we'll acquire it locally if possible. Otherwise, you can send us your special fabrics.

Vyasasanas have traditional rounded upholstered arms with tassels or other textile embellishments. Comes with well padded seat and headboard. Choose from the headboard shapes offered below, or suggest your own design.

The following vyasasana measurements are typical for a 5" murti like the Srila Prabhupada murti pictured above. Let us know the size of the murti you would like to accommodate, and we'll customize the dimensions accordingly.

Height, top of headboard to floor - 7"
Headboard at widest point - 6.25"
Seat width - 4.5"
Seat depth - 4.25"
Arm to arm, outside edges - 6.75"
Top of seat to floor - 2.25"

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