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The "Guide to Dye Plants" offers an exceptional collection of information that will show you how to turn hundreds of common flowers and plants into beautiful, long-lasting fabric dyes. Don't just compost those leftover garland flowers - use them to dye your dhotis, shawls and cloth! You can use freshly picked or dried flowers, leaves, berries and more as dyestuffs that give the most glorious range of colors!

With the "Dye Guide", you'll never again want to pay for expensive chemical dyes that result in unnatural colors that are harsh on the skin. Enjoy the simple pleasure of creating your own healthy, naturally dyed fabrics at a fraction of the cost. Once you get the process down, it takes no more effort than chemical dyeing does.

For devotees living in rural communities, the Dye Guide gives you a great way to add income to the family asrama budget. Local craft, fabric and yarn shops rarely have an opportunity to buy hand-processed natural dyes. They'll be delighted to carry the packaged dyestuffs you provide.

Here's some of the great information you'll find in "The Guide":

  • A list of more than 450 common dye plants and trees (North America and Europe)

  • Full descriptions of which individual plant parts can be used as dyestuffs (berries, bark, leaves, roots, etc.)

  • Detailed lists of the colors (often multiple) that can be derived from each plant's dyestuffs, when used alone or combined with various mordants

  • Color-specific lists of all the plants and dyestuffs that are sources of yellow, orange, reds and pinks, green, blue, purple, gray, black, browns and tans.

  • Tried-and-true recipes for various mordants that 'set' the color.

  • Instructions on the dyeing process, fabric preparations and color tests.

  • Advanced dyeing instruction on procion print & screen paste recipes, working with Indigo, and much more.

Choose either the hardcopy or CD-ROM version of the Dye Guide. The hard copy is bound in stiff Oxford covers, perfect for the workshop and backpacking on plant collecting excursions. The CD-ROM includes a color image library of more than 170 dyeing plants. Buy the combined set for great savings!

Dye Guide - Hard Copy
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Dye Guide - CD-ROM
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Dye Guide - Hardcopy & CD
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