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An exceptional collection of more than a thousand carefully mastered digital images featuring the art and ornament of India and Persia. High quality images have been prepared for digital design work. Do you like what you see here in the HareKrsna.com website? This CD-ROM contains many of the digital elements found here. A wide array of strikingly artistic designs are colorful, unusual and highly artistic, and will greatly enhance your web work or other digital content creations.

Image library includes hundreds of sets of wallpapers (cropped for perfect scaling), lines, bars, banners, framed boxes, buttons and icons. Images can be converted for use in any typical web image format.

CD-ROM comes with a great index system, so you can search by color, content, or shape/style or image. We've also included several special collections, including:

  • Dozens of exquisite vintage paisley designs

  • Black and white clip art

  • 16x16 and 32x32 Windows icons (.ico)

  • Incredible Indian textiles & embroidery designs