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"India Mission" is a beautifully created game that will be enjoyed by all who are spiritually inclined. Designed along the same lines as the Mayfair Rails games, "India Mission" lets you compete against other players while you organize various spiritual events across India. "India Mission" can be played by ages 12 and up, and works well for two to eight players.

Comes with a large laminated playing board that's a map of India, detailed to show main cities, Vaisnava holy sites, holy dhamas, sacred cities and rivers, etc. Players pick Event Cards which determine what events they must organize, in cities, towns and villages across the country. Events of all sizes and complexity are included, from Khumba Melas and Ratha Yatras to temple openings, sastric debates, and festivals like Janmastami, Gaura Purnima, and Jhulan Yatra.

Players take turns using various modes of transportation to travel around the country (trains, buses, cars, rickshaws and elephants), picking-up and delivering resources and people. You'll strategically move from place to place, using the best available transport to carry 37 different kinds goods and passengers to your transcendental events. "India Mission" was carefully researched, and is a great way to learn what commodities come from various parts of India.

As players move around the board landing on different icons, they'll pick up Karma or Benediction cards that affect their play. Cards feature wonderful images and lively strategy events that help shape the game. Points are accrued as resources are delivered to event sites. When all is in place, each event culminates with the arrival of the Acarya to the festival site. The game ends with the successful execution of all events, with high score winning. In fact, everyone wins because "India Mission" instills a great appetite for preaching, giving you lots of ideas on how to organize real-life festivals!

Included in "India Mission": Game Board, Event Cards, Karma and Benediction Cards, Resource Chips, Game Pieces and Instructions. Event Cards feature beautifully detailed vintage images of India. Game Pieces are hand-crafted. A beautifully presented keepsake game your family will pass down the generations.