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The perfect addition to your Indian pantry! This top-quality stainless steel Masala Dabba (spice box) is loaded with an opulent selection of hand-ground Masala spices. The dabba has both an inner lid and a tightly sealed outer lid. Nestled inside are seven stainless steel spice cups full of first-class aromatic spice blends.

We followed the expert, using recipes from Yamuna devi's classic Indian cookbook, "Lord Krishna's Cuisine". You'll get an ample supply of each of the following exquisite Masalas:

Bengali Masala Gujarati Masala Punjabi Masala Maharastra Masala Uttar Pradesh Masala Yamuna Style Atishaya's Special

Each custom blend Masala has a distinctly unique flavor, traditional to the local cuisine. Our Atishaya Special is home-ground favorite. You'll get a range of spicing, from mild to medium and hot. We include a 'taste guide' that helps you moderate the spicyness of each of the seven blends.

Our collection of hand-ground spices is made from only the finest ingredients, sealed for long-lasting freshness. You'll enjoy a wide range of tastes, including:

Whole Chili Pods
Sesame Seeds
Green, Black & White Peppercorns
Whole Cloves
Cinnamon Sticks
Cardamom Pods
Roasted Cumin Seeds
Coriander Seeds
Bay Leaves
Ground Ginger
Grated Coconut
Black Mustard Seeds
Saffron Threads
Cardamom Pods
Ground Nutmeg
Fennel Seeds
Pomegranate Seeds
Kafir Lime Leaves
Curry Leaves
Ajwain Seeds
Sea Salt

The Masala Dabba & Spice collection is offered at an excellent price. We buy spices in bulk, and pass the savings on to you. Many Indian groceries charge as much as $29 for just an empty Dabba! You'll serve hundreds of preparations before depleting this spice supply. Re-fill it with your own favorites, or come back to Atishaya for more provisions. A great gift for new devotees, newlyweds, college-bound students or your favorite cook!