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The "Good Earth Chutneys" book is packed with more than 250 fabulous recipes for chutneys and relishes that are fast, healthy and simple to make. The perfect side dish for classic Indian cuisine or any vegetarian meal, these chutneys will add a burst of flavor, color and texture to your dishes.

Good Earth Chutney recipes are designed for easy preparation, using items many cooks always have on-hand in the pantry. Add a handful of your favorite fresh, frozen or canned fruit or veggies, and in minutes you'll have a bounty of great tastes. In 30 minutes, you can prepare two or three different chutneys that will keep your menu alive for the whole week!

The "Good Earth Chutneys" recipe book is Oxford bound for easy use while you cook. Filled with beautiful images of vintage fruits that will whet your appetite while the chutney pot bubbles.

Chutneys are a wonderful addition to almost any food. Recipes are all-vegetarian, appropriate for offering. Serve as a side condiment, spread on crusty bread, roll up in chapatis, or blend into the mashed potatoes. You'll love them!