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Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes: Lives and Lore from Buddha to the Beatles

Short bios and favorite recipes (some of them vegan) from people who are or were vegetarians at some point in their lives. Anecdotal sketches give life to each of the 32 celebrities from Plato and Pythagoras to Tolstoi, Gandhi and George Bernard Shaw along with "contemporaries" like Paul McCartney and Isaac Bashevis Singer. Mr.Berry writes gracefully, and the 80 recipes are not only fascinating, but have been kitchen tested tested by the author for "savoriness." See Cover

The Indian Spice Kitchen

Bharadwaj's lavishly illustrated book is a guide to more than 100 ingredients basic to Indian cooking, from spices and spice mixtures to beans and grains; some will be unfamiliar even to those who do a lot of Indian cooking. Most are given a two-page spread, with color photographs of the ingredient and of a dish or two made from it. Scenes of India and its people are scattered throughout the text, and the accompanying recipes exemplify the diversity of India's regional cuisines. See Cover

The Indian Grocery Store Demystified

With 700 entries and over 200 illustrations, plus traditional stories and personal anecdotes about many of the ingredients unique to Indian cuisine, this guidebook identifies and tells you how to use the vast array of spices, rice, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods at over 9,000 Indian grocery stores in America. A bonus section of the author's favorite recipes will help you create delicious, authentic dishes that will satisfy anyone's hunger and sense of adventure. See Cover

The Delights of Vegetarian Cooking

Tarla Dalal, a widely admired connoisseur in the field of vegetarian cooking, presents in this book a collection of delightful and easy to make recipes from delectable soups to delicious puddings, with special sections on Burmese and Mexican cuisine. See Cover

Heaven's Banquet: Vegetarian Cooking for Lifelong Health the Ayurveda Way

"The Ayurvedic meal," writes Hospodar, "is designed to promote optimum digestion and maximum pleasure." Indeed, the Indian "life science" of Ayurveda has been ensuring the health of mind, body and spirit for many centuries. A variety of ethnic traditions contribute to the text, and Hospodar reinterprets them all to conform to Vedic principles. See Cover

Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking

Julie describes every classical blend of curry in the Indian tradition, with accompanying recipes on how to use them. After an exhaustive glossary of foodstuffs and spices that make up the Indian larder, Sahni launches into the recipes, which in a rare concession to Western ways are arranged course by course. There is much that even a devotee of Indian cooking will find new in the areas of fritters and griddle cakes, braised dishes, lentils, chutneys. Though the ingredients are often exotic, Sahni's directions for buying (a mail-order guide is included) and cooking are precise. She brings some of the subtler practices of one of the world's great cuisines within America's reach. See Cover

Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Pandya has done a good job. There are few cookbooks that detail the home made taste of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as well as other North Indian states, and not the typical restaurant type menus. It was a pleasure to find dishes that were made using ingredients like turnips, beets, bitter gourds, okra,not so easily found in other books on Indian cuisine. See Cover

Laxmi's Vegetarian Kitchen: Simple, Healthful Recipes from India's Great Vegetarian Tradition

Hiremath, who was born and raised in India, makes meatless Indian cooking both inviting and extremely accessible. This collection has some gems for those who are already well-versed in Indian cooking. It is also a comprehensive guide, offering basic information on Indian spices and spice blends and the preparation of such basics like Desi Ghee. An excellent chapter on paneer cheese gives clear instructions for making this dairy product and recipes for using it, including Scrambled Paneer Cheese in Cucumber Boats. Salads include a wide array of raitas and more, e.g., Yellow Mung Bean Salad with Walnuts. Chapter headings and recipe headers read like advice from a reliable friend; Hiremath even satisfies curiosity on typical Indian table manners. Recipes come with generous suggestions for variations and substitutions, with warnings of possible difficulties and suggestions for accompanying dishes. See Cover

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